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Tip #4 - Introductions & Etiquette

Tip #4 - Introductions and Etiquette at Expo

Have you practiced your greeting yet? Spend some time practicing your introductions with your roommates and friends. 
Look them in the eye with a nice pleasant smile, chin up, standing tall and straight - extend your hand to give them a nice handshake greeting. No death grips. No cold fish - wet noodles. Practice makes perfect and will only add to your confidence so practice this weekend.
"Hello, I'm Trish Raridan Preston. I'm an Environmental Science major from Centerville, Ohio in my junior year. It's so nice to meet you, thank you for coming to meet with all of us. I'm really excited to hear more about your project in....."
Be prepared to answer questions. Because they will have a few for you. This is your first interview essentially, with this company. They want to see how you handle yourself in conversation. Smile. Speak clearly and look at the person while you are speaking.