Children & Youth

Children & Youth

The Children and Youth Extension program in the School of Environment and Natural Resources at The Ohio State University focuses on community and environmental leadership development for youth. 

Youth Beat Radio, a weekly program airing on Columbus community radio station WCRS FM, promotes youth leadership, community service, community action, and youth perspectives.  It is produced by high school and university students who participate in program planning and key production responsibilities.  Topics include environmental issues, recreation, health, culture, arts, music, and current events.  Current information and access to past shows can be found at

Youth Leadership Summits on the Environment have engaged youth in Columbus and Cleveland to identify environmental issues, learn leadership skills, and develop an action plan for change. Through the summits, youth participate in meaningful ways to improve the environment in their schools, neighborhoods, and communities. 

To learn more contact:

Kristi Lekies, Assistant Professor
School of Environment and Natural Resources
The Ohio State University
320C Kottman Hall
2021 Coffey Rd.
Columbus, Ohio 43210
(O) 614/688-3537
(F) 614/292-7432