Healthy Streams & Watersheds


Ohio has over 60,000 stream miles and more than 200 groups working actively to restore and protect them. Whether you are a streamside landowner, an environmental professional, or a student, it is the mission of the Streams and Watersheds Outreach program at the School of Environment and Natural Resources (SENR), to help you protect, restore and enhance Ohio streams and watersheds.  To stay informed, learn more and interact with others about healthy streams and watersheds visit Ohio Watershed Network.

Ohio Watershed Academy

The Ohio Watershed Academy (OWA) is a professional development course offered by SENR to increase the knowledge and skills in watershed management to facilitate the development and implementation of non-point source implementation plans.  Graduates of the Academy include watershed coordinators and group volunteers, county health department and planning agency staff, and university faculty and students.  The course is delivered entirely online.

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Ohio Watershed Network Website

The Ohio Watershed Network website provides immediate access to educational information, professional development courses, and the community of professionals and volunteers around Ohio engaged in managing Ohio’s water resources. Find information about water resource news and events, view a webinar, find a watershed group near you, or enroll in an online course.

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Anne Baird
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