Ponds, Fisheries, and Aquatic Management


The Ohio State University's Extension Program in Ponds, Fisheries and Aquatic Management offers programming to enrich your experience wherever your life intersects with water. 

Ohio's ponds, lakes, wetlands, streams and other waters, from the most modest of intermittent brooks to the international expanse of Lake Erie, constitute beautifully complex living laboratories where communities of fish, plants and plankton interact with their aquatic domains. We are dedicated to helping conserve and manage fisheries, water quality, and simple aesthetics to benefit Ohioans and future generations.

Your Pond Update for Autumn 2018

Aquatic Invasive Species and Your Pond/Lake

Your Pond Update for Winter 2018

Winter Fish Kills on Ponds Revisited

Your Pond Update for Autumn 2017

It’s Not Just “Seaweed”! Aquatic Vegetation to Benefit Water Quality and Fisheries

Your Pond Update for Winter 2016 Classic Publications on Managing Ohio Ponds: One Returns and Others Temporarily Lost
Your Pond Update for Summer 2015 A Management Challenge: Water Quality in Residential-Neighborhood Ponds
Your Pond Update for Spring 2015 Harmful Algal Blooms, Ponds, and the Basics of Mitigation and Management
Your Pond Update for Winter 2015 But I Didn't Think Ohio Had Any Real Lakes! ...At least outside Lake Erie
Your Pond Update for Autumn 2014 Ah, Autumn... A Time to Stock Fish to Ponds
Your Pond Update for Spring 2014 Proactive Algae Management through Pond Destratification
  Ohio Pond News Archive

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