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SENR has gone paperless. All of our forms are in one location and are able to be edited online. Please submit completed forms to or to your advisor. Please let us know if a link is broken or a form is outdated by contacting us. Thank you.

Undergraduate Student Forms
SENR Forms University Forms

Any additional forms can be found at

Graduate Student Forms

ENRGP students will need to submit two types of forms at various points:

  1. Forms submitted to the Graduate School at Examples: Application to Graduate, Application for Doctoral Candidacy
  2. Forms submitted to the SENR graduate program office; these are below. Most forms can be initiated and signed digitally, which will automatically flow to each signer.
    1. You can see the basic form by clicking the name of a form to view a PDF version.
    2. Click “Submit Online,” which will take you to DocuSign. Enter the names and email addresses of everyone who needs to sign.
      • For MS and PhD students: Most forms will need signed by your faculty advisor and the other members of your Advisory/Examination Committee. See the ENRGP Handbook for working with your advisor to form a committee if you haven’t already.
      • Graduate Studies Committee Chair: Ramiro Berardo
      • Graduate Program Coordinator: Taylor White
    3. Click “Begin Signing” to then be taken to the form, which you can fill out like a PDF. After you are finished, the signers next in the sequence will be notified. No further action on your part is required to collect signatures.
    4. You will receive a notification with a copy of the form once all signers have approved it.
    5. To check the status of a submitted DocuSign form prior to receiving a completed copy, send an email to specifying the name of the form.
SENR Forms

MENR Forms                     

MS Forms                 

PhD Forms                
Graduate Program Petition Form

To request a change or exception that requires permission from the Graduate Studies Committee or Graduate Studies Committee Chair, you may use the form below to easily get the necessary signatures. Refer to the ENRGP Handbook to determine whether your request requires a petition and any signatures.

Generic petition form (PDF)

Conference Travel Fund Request Form

SENR graduate students (ENRGP students and ESGP students with SENR advisors) may request school funds for travel to professional scholarly meetings.

  1. Submit the Conference Travel Fund Request form by using this online version.
    1. You can view a blank version of the form as a PDF here. Use the online version of the form above when ready to submit.
  2. The form will flow to the designated signers after you submit it online. You will be notified by email once a final decision has been made.
Graduate School Forms

Forms for the Graduate School are required to be completed electronically. Students can submit these forms at: GRADFORMS.OSU.EDU.