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ENR Scholars

ENR Scholars

Environmental Impact, Outdoor Recreation, Service

The Environment and Natural Resources Scholars program is designed to support students with an interest in exploring the natural world. Students will examine areas such as environmental problems and solutions, alternative energy, wildlife management, and outdoor recreation. ENR Scholars have the opportunity to go on recreation trips across the United States during breaks and explore parks and outdoor adventure opportunities throughout the Columbus area.

Visit the ENR Scholars page for more information on what being an ENR scholar can offer you.

How to Apply to the Scholars Program:

To be considered for a Scholars Program, apply when you complete your application to the university for admission.  Specific application information can be found here.




Is ENR Scholars a 2-year or 4-year program?

ENR Scholars are actively involved for 2 years, but they are welcome to attend experiential opportunities even after they are done with their formal involvement! Upperclassmen are also welcomed to take on leadership roles within our Mentoring Council or our Leadership Council

How much time should I expect to spend on ENR Scholars involvement (or–will I have time to be involved with other things on campus?)

For a general member, 5-10 hours a month is average, while members of the Leadership or Mentor Council would have a greater time commitment.   ENR Scholars are encouraged to get involved on campus outside of the group and they all do–whether that is other student organizations, undergraduate research, employment, service, etc.  We see our group as an introduction to involvement rather than a limitation

What majors typically choose ENR Scholars?

We have all kinds of majors!  Current ENR Scholars have majors in engineering, wildlife, art, French, meteorology, environmental science, agriculture, business, biology, psychology and animal science (among many others!)–our only expectation is that you would like to explore our themes while living in a fantastic community

Where do ENR Scholars Live?



Questions?  Contact Brett Baughman, the ENR Scholars Program Coordinator.