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What is the Honors Program in Environment and Natural Resources?

The Honors Program focuses on academics and research.  If you are a motivated student that wants to be challenged and would like an opportunity to research a topic that interests you, the Honors Program may be a good fit for you.  The Honors Program offers you several unique opportunities to enhance what you will be doing in the classroom.  Here are some highlights:

A faculty advisor/mentor that you select.  It’s critical that you have a faculty advisor that can give you the guidance you need while completing the Honors Program.  Our honors students select the faculty member they want to work with, assuring a good fit.  You’ll begin the process of connecting with faculty during your first semester.

A program of study that you create!  We want our honors students to have the flexibility they need to pursue their area of study.  You will work with your faculty advisor to create a course study plan that meets your needs.  You have the ability to take honors courses as well as graduate level courses, when appropriate.  The goal is for you to have the educational foundation you need to pursue your chosen research topic.

A research project that you develop.  The research component is the foundation of the Honors Program, but don’t let this intimidate you. The process of creating a research topic, developing a proposal, and conducting the research is one that your faculty advisor will guide you through.

Honors residence halls.  Honors students may choose to live in the honors residence halls on the North Campus, South Campus and in the Towers. Click here for more information.

Special programming and opportunities through University Honors & Scholars:

The University Honors and Scholars center offers a variety of opportunities for honors students to connect with other honors students on campus and engage in a variety of special programming.  Explore University Honors & Scholars here.

Priority class scheduling – Honors students schedule classes before the general student population to get the classes built into their program of study.

How to Apply to the Honors Program:

To be considered for the Honors Program as an incoming freshman, apply when you complete your application to the university for admission.  Specific application information can be found here.