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School of Environment and Natural Resources

SENR Graduate Specialization in Forest Science
Forest Science

Forest Science

The Forest Science Specialization endeavors to educate the next generation of researchers, scientists, and managers of forest resources.  Forest Science encompasses a diverse range of topics including forest ecosystems and sustainable forestry through interactions with foresters, ecologists, hydrologists, and social scientists.

The SENR forestry faculty explore issues related to ecosystems and wood products in both rural and urban settings. Research focusing on the interaction between social systems and the forest ecosystem will develop innovative approaches to protect the ecosystem and the services provided by the ecosystem.

Active Graduate Advisors:
Peter Curtis (EEOB)
Andrew Londo
Stephen Matthews
Sayeed Mehmood
Jo Peacock
Roger Williams
Kaiguang Zhao

Recent Theses and Dissertations (available on OhioLink*)

S. Ballweg MS

Shifts in sapling regeneration over 25 years in forest ecosystems of Appalachian Ohio

D. Radcliffe MS Topographic, edaphic, and stand structural factors associated with oak and hickory mortality and maple and beech regeneration in mature forests of Appalachian Ohio
E. Andrew MS Compositional Change of Ground Flora in Forest Ecosystems of Southeastern Ohio over Twenty Years

*OhioLink articles are available to OSU students, faculty, and staff