Master of Science (MS)

Master of Science

The MS is a 30-credit hour program intended for those planning to pursue research-oriented careers, including those interested in pursuing a doctoral degree. Students will take 5 credit hours in core courses that introduce them to research in the area of environment and natural resources and involve them in current topics in the field. A minimum of 15 credit hours (generally 5 courses) comprise the Area of Specialization and Supporting Courses, which are chosen by the student in consultation with his or her advisor. Up to 10 credit hours of research credit can count for the remaining credits, although students generally earn far more than 10 research credits over the course of their program. Click here to see a copy of the MS Program of Study.

The Master of Science can be completed in two years, although students pursuing a large amount of field work can take one or two additional semesters of work.

MS students can follow one of our seven specializations and have it designated on their transcript, or they can follow a unique area of study.

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