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School of Environment and Natural Resources



The graduate faculty of the Environment and Natural Resources Graduate Program (ENRGP) is composed of experts and distinguished scholars from a diverse spectrum of natural and social sciences and organized into seven specialization areas, which are broadly focused areas of study. Many of our faculty members belong to more than one specialization. Click on a specialization's name to learn more and to see the faculty members who belong to it.

ENRGP students pursuing an MS or PhD can choose to tailor their program of study around one or more specialization area, or they can follow a completely unique path. Either way, students are encouraged to explore interdisciplinary areas of study by taking relevant courses from multiple specialization areas and from other departments, such as biology, sociology, plant pathology, psychology, and more.

MENR students tailor their program of study around a unifying professional focus area, which can be inspired by a specialization area but is more focused on the student's professional objective.

Our Graduate Specializations in the ENRGP include:

Ecological Restoration Ecosystem Science Environmental Social Sciences Fisheries and Wildlife Science
Graduate Specialization in Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences

Forest Science Rural and Environmental Sociology Soil Science  
Dense green forest Border - US and Mexico Analyzing soil samples