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School of Environment and Natural Resources


Honors requirements for incoming freshmen

Since you were accepted into the University Honors Program while you were applying for admission to The Ohio State University, you are a university level honors student and a candidate for the  SENR Honors Program.  The steps outlined below are necessary to establish yourself as a SENR Honors student.

  • Meet with the Honors Chair, Dr. Lauren Pintor, to discuss your interests.  Dr. Pintor will give you guidance as you begin to identify faculty that you are interested in working with on an honors research project.
  • Select an honors faculty advisor – this step can take a bit of time as you look into their research areas, make contact with them, and meet to discuss your potential Honors Program.
  • Complete the SENR Honors Study Program with your faculty advisor,  you will build a program of courses that will meet your needs and is tailored to your specific interests.
  • Submit your Honors Study Program to 210 Kottman Hall.  Please review your program to ensure accuracy in course numbers and credit hours before submitting.  Errors on the document will slow down the approval process.  Your study program will be reviewed within two weeks after it is received. 
  • You will be notified when your Honors Study Program is approved and you are officially enrolled in the SENR Honors Program.

Your Honors Study Program is due at the end of your first autumn semester.  Honors status will be removed for those students that have not submitted their study program by the end of spring semester.

In order to maintain your honors status a minimum 3.4 cumulative GPA is required.  There will be annual evaluations of grades at the end of each spring semester.  If you have concerns related to your grades, it is recommended that you meet with the Honors Chair.