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Honors Research Distinction

Honors Research Distinction 

Requirements to graduate with Honors Research Distinction Include:

  • Maintain a cumulative 3.4 GPA and a 3.5 GPA within their major coursework.
  • Complete an honors contract with their faculty research advisor to ensure that all parties have an agreed upon understanding of the proposed plan to complete a research thesis for a given graduation deadline.
  • Conduct, write, and defend a research thesis under the direction of a faculty advisor.
  • Complete an individualized study plan (e.g. Honors Program of Study) that includes 6 credits of ENR 4999H.

Apply or Declare Honors:

Apply Declare

*Students who did not start at OSU in Honors can enroll after completion of one semester (15 credit hours) in ENR if: 1) they have a 3.4 GPA and 2) have obtained a commitment form a faculty research advisor.


Honors Timelines can be found here.


Your Honors Study Plan:

Honors Study Program Cover Sheet  Environment, Economy, Development, and Sustainability
Environmental Policy and Decision Making Environmental Science
Forestry, Fisheries, and Wildlife Natural Resource Management


What happens after you submit your Honors Study Program?


Your Honors Research:

General Research Information

Presenting your Research

Preparing your Thesis


Graduating with Honors Research Distinction