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Collaborating to Address Real World Environment and Natural Resource Challenges (ENR Capstone, EPN, Career Development)
New continuing education course on the Amish offered (Joe Donnermeyer, Kylienne Shaul)



Using soil to better serve people and the planet (Rattan Lal)


Readout of White House Climate Science Roundtable on Countering “Delayism” and Communicating the Urgency of Climate Action (Kerry Ard)
White House science office to hold first event on countering climage change denial and delay (Kerry Ard)
The Psychology of Placing EV Chargers Along Roads Less Traveled (Nicole Sintov)
How racialized trauma functions as a barrier to enjoying nature (Alia Dietsch, Everly Jazi)
The perilous migratory journey of the eastern whip-poor-will (Chris Tonra, Aaron Skinner, Steve Matthews)
Canaries in a coal mine: Energy transitions in Appalachian coal regions, and a roadmap for the rocky transition out of coal (Linda Lobao)


Graduate student recognized for exceptional teaching (Jai Tiarks)
Gift to benefit Ohio State's School of Environment and Natural Resources (Gabriel Karns, Jeff Sharp)
Documentary on Ohio water affordability debuts on World Water Day (Ramiro Berardo)
As Life Returns to Normal, There’s One Major COVID-19 Risk We’re Ignoring (Robyn Wilson)


Expanding Affordable Data Collection: SENR Subject Pool Now Available to SI Affiliated Faculty (Nicole Sintov)




Majority of farm families worry about major medical expenses, and it could threaten their farm business (Florence Becot and Shoshanah Inwood)
Sustainable soil movement grows at COP15 on land desertification and drought (Rattan Lal)
No longer a gray area: This study confirms walleye prefer certain colors (Suzanne Gray)
Ohio State studies show which color lures Lake Erie anglers should use to catch walleye (Suzanne Gray)
Sustainability Grants Support Faculty Research (Doug Jackson-Smith and Yanlan Liu)


3 of the most beautiful places in state and why all Ohioans should love them |Opinion (David Tomashefski)
A Closer Look at Rural Populations: Multistate Research Monitors Changes and Issues Affecting Rural Areas (Linda Lobao)
Coal communities are changing, so a project is capturing residents’ stories (Jeffrey Jacquet)


Toman Appointed Interim Director of the School of Environment and Natural Resources (Eric Toman)
Ohio State leading new $15 million project to study carbon farming as climate change solution (Rattan Lal and CFAES Rattan Lal Center for Carbon Management and Sequestration)


Alumni News | Ryan Wagner turns his grad school, camera focus on mudpuppy salamanders (Ryan Wagner)
Ohio State researchers study how farmers adapt to climate change (Robyn Wilson)


Coyotes Came to New York City, but Not For Our Pizza (Stanley Gehrt)
Distinguished Ohio State Professor and leading soil scientist Rattan Lal earns India’s fourth highest award for groundbreaking work (Rattan Lal)


Young kids who breathe polluted air can fall behind in school, study finds (Kerry Ard, co-author on published study)
Green Bexley: Actions of students show promise of future sustainability (ENR EEDS Capstone autumn 2022)
Coshocton project presented at workshop (Jeffrey Jacquet)
OSU Extension to teach maple growers how to tap into business planning during Maple Days Dec. 9–10 (Kathy Smith)


Covid upended 50 years of rural population loss. Will the new trend last? (Jeffrey Jacquet)
How a test drive may lead to an electric vehicle purchase (Nicole Sintov)
Learning from habitat ‘haves’ to help save a threatened rattlesnake (William Peterman)


November 2021

Could Climate Change Make Food Less Nutritious? (Rattan Lal)

OSU Researchers Launch Autonomous Drones to Study Wildfires (Roger Williams)

National Science Foundation awards $1.4 million to multidisciplinary team to study drones and wildfires (Roger Williams)

Ohio Sea Grant Knauss Fellows Receive Placements for Their Year in Washington, D.C. (Jeffrey Kast)

Peat Bogs: Mother Nature's time capsule (Matt Davies)

U.S. FARM REPORT, College Roadshow at The Ohio State University (Shoshanah Inwood)

What Are Wild Coyotes Doing in the Big City? (Stan Gehrt) 

NCR-SARE's 2021 Research and Education Grant Recipients (Matt Davies)

October 2021

Ohio State-Developed Crop Management System Improves Yields and Soil Quality for the West African Sahel (Richard Dick)

Farm Bureaus reap national awards for programming (Steve Lyons and Shoshanah Inwood)

People enjoy free pancakes and maple syrup at Ohio State University-Mansfield event (Kathy Smith and Gabe Karns)

Pipelines and Soil: How energy transport affects agriculture (Theresa Brehm and Steve Culman)

September 2021

Ohio State climate experts help farmers by studying extreme weather risks (Robyn Wilson)

Opinion: In defense of armyworms. They aren't exactly the scourges of lawns. (David J. Tomashefski)

July 2021

Extreme heat triggers mass die-offs and stress for wildlife in the West (Mažeika Sullivan)

Outdoors: Tiny ticks present outsized issues. Toledo Blade (Risa Pesapane)

Out and about? So are ticks. (Risa Pesapane)

Study findings co-authored by faculty member Kerry Ard and graduate students published in the journal Environmental Politics on role of donations and congressional voting is cited in HuffPost and Grist.

Food Sleuth Radio: Farmers' needs for health insurance and childcare. (Interview with faculty member Shoshanah Inwood)

Our Ohio Weekly: Ohio State studies the climate and agriculture (Interview with faculty member Robyn Wilson)

This Week in Sociological Perspective, audio (Interview segment with faculty member Kerry Ard)

June 2021

Salamanders have a secret to surviving climate change (William Peterman)

May 2021

Our Ohio Weekly: The Ohio Farm Poll (Interview with faculty members Doug Jackson-Smith and Shoshanah Inwood and President's Postdoctoral Scholar at Ohio State in SENR Andrea Rissing)

Tick season has arrived in central Ohio (Risa Pesapane)

Great Lakes region's climate keeps getting warmer, wetter, and wilder | The Blade ( (Robyn Wilson)

2021 Outreach and Engagement Funded Grant Proposals (Doug Jackson-Smith)

2021 CFAES Faculty Promotions and Tenure

Family farms are struggling with two hidden challenges (Shoshanah Inwood, Andrea Rissing and Florence Becot)

Soil scientist honored with renaming of carbon center (Rattan Lal)

Opinion: Bill aims to strip away water safeguards and hang Ohioans out to dry (Mažeika Sullivan)

The Elusive Deer-Proof Garden (Marne Titchenell)

CFAES Announces Winners of Its Spirit of the Land Grant Award (Ansley Watkins)

April 2021

2021 Senior Spotlight (Lizzie Wilson)

Into the Blue (CFAES alumnus Mark E. Monaco)

Saving streams can save bugs and birds (Mažeika Sullivan)

March 2021

A Tale of Two Migration Routes: How Prothonotary Warblers Make Their Way Home (Chris Tonra)

Unequal Exposure and Access: The Crisis of Environmental Injustice (Q&A with Kerry Ard)

PG&E is changing how your electricity bill works — here’s everything you need to know (Nicole Sintov)

Trash talk: How waste audits can empower kids to protect the planet (Nicole Sintov)

Health care and weather distressing farmers (Douglas Jackson-Smith and Shoshanah Inwood)

Environment a bridge between rural, urban Ohio (David Hanselmann)

February 2021

Improving water quality could help conserve insectivorous birds — study (Mažeika Sullivan)

It's maple syrup time at The Ohio State University-Mansfield campus (Gabe Karns)

Ohio State CFAES names its top 25 seniors

January 2021

Bible filled with agrarian themes (Greg Hitzhusen)

Posthumous Padma Vibhushan for Father of Fiber Optics Narinder Kapany; Economist Srikant Datar, Scientist Rattan Lal Among U.S. Winners of Padma Awards (Rattan Lal)

CFAES names 2020–2021 Distinguished Professors (Linda Lobao)

Community engaged learning: Blueprint Columbus and senior capstones (Matthew Hamilton)



2020 Ohio No-till Council Winter Conference highlights (Rattan Lal)


Are we making raccoons smarter? (Stan Gehrt)
Study finds health trade-offs for wildlife as urbanization expands (Mažeika Sullivan)
Suzanne Gray's School of Fish (Suzanne Gray)
Climate change greater threat to human life than nuclear holocaust, warn experts (Rattan Lal)
OSU Soil Scientist Feeds Billions (Rattan Lal)


Reflections of a First-Year Buckeye: College visits, community safety, football plans, graduate student stipends (Rattan Lal)
Developing the Next Generation of Sustainable Energy Leaders (Brian Capobianco)
Coming Home to Nature (Nicole Jackson)
Survey Shows Students' Sustainability Knowledge, Attitudes and Actions (Kristina Slagle)
Farming and parenting—a tough juggling act (Shoshanah Inwood and Andrea Rissing)
Reforest to stop drought-flood syndrome, says World Food Prize laureate Rattan Lal (Rattan Lal)
Naming of Ohio State center cements Lal’s legacy (Rattan Lal)
Ohio State soil scientist honored for increasing global food production (Rattan Lal)
The changing face of Ohio agriculture discussed at Farm Science Review  (Doug Jackson-Smith and Shoshanah Inwood)


As wildfires continue in western United States, biologists fear for vulnerable species (Mažeika Sullivan)
Go outdoors, but watch for ticks (Risa Pesapane)
Mega-fires: Managing the complexities of climate change and many stakeholders (Matt Hamilton)
Regenerative agriculture movement gains traction (Rattan Lal)
The Soil Scientist: Ohio State’s Rattan Lal Wins Global Recognition (Rattan Lal)
Trump's deregulatory disregard for law and science (Opinion - Mažeika Sullivan)
Are coyotes moving into your neighborhood? Stan Gehrt


Ohio EPA Selects 2020 Environmental Scholarship Winners
Bike Racks for Buckeyes (Ryan Vogel)
New Rule Threatens Environment, Puts U.S. Waters at Risk (Mažeika Sullivan)
A watershed moment for U.S. water quality (Mažeika Sullivan)
A Prophet Of Soil Gets His Moment Of Fame (Rattan Lal)
New fertilizer Guide for Field Crops (Steven Culman)
WOSU's Columbus Neighborhoods celebrates sesquicentennial (Rattan Lal)
Research and Innovation Showcase at The Ohio State University - Research Spotlight Speakers (Callia Tellez)


Ohio Sea Grant Announces 2021 Knauss Fellowship Finalists (Maggie Beetstra)
Dr. Rattan Lal Awarded World Food Prize 2020 (Rattan Lal)
Farm-tastic! Wayne County part of unique agriculture-bolstering project (Shoshanah Inwood)
Make Learning to Fish This Year’s Summer Project (Eugene Braig)


In 'Cancer Alley,' a renewed focus on systemic racism is too late (Kerry Ard)
Coyotes Are Here to Stay. Can Columbus Adapt? (Stanley Gehrt)
OSU, Wayne County collaborating on value-added ag project (Shoshanah Inwood)
Pioneer of research on sequestering carbon in soil is this year's World Food Prize laureate (Rattan Lal)
Earth’s Rapidly Degrading Soil Is Bad News For Human Health (Rattan Lal)
Soil Prof Hits Pay Dirt: $250K Prize For Helping Farmers, Fighting Climate Change (Rattan Lal)
Pioneer of research on sequestering carbon in soil is this year's World Food Prize laureate (Rattan Lal)
Scientist's ground-up solution to feeding the developing world wins $250,000 prize (Rattan Lal)
Ohio State University soil professor gets World Food Prize (Rattan Lal)
Ohio State soil scientist awarded World Food Prize (Rattan Lal)
Ohio State offers tips for vendors, consumers when shopping at farmers markets amid COVID-19 (Shoshanah Inwood)
Being seen and heard during Black Birders Week (Nicole Jackson)


Why farmers dump food and crops while grocery stores run dry and Americans struggle (Douglas Jackson-Smith)


Flocks of turkeys. Swarms of rats. The pizza groundhog. Animals are taking over the streets (Stan Gehrt)


A champion for healthy soil (Rattan Lal) 
How and why to keep phosphorus on no-till fields (Warren Dick and Steve Culman)
New Wayne County farm-to-school project (Shoshanah Inwood)
Columbus' urban-forestry master plan taking root (Rosalie Hendon, MENR '17)


Jason Ward, host of ‘Birds of North America,’ will speak twice at Ohio State on Feb. 18 (Environmental Professionals Network and Environmental Film Series)
Warning: Coyotes could be watching you (Stan Gehrt)
When introduced species are cute and loveable, culling them is a tricky proposition (Jeremy Bruskotter)
Adapting to climate change: We’re doing it wrong (Robyn Wilson)
CFAES testimony at House hearing: Technology can benefit rural America (Doug Jackson-Smith)
Multiple Film Series Showcase Environmental Cinema (David Hanselmann)


Taking the pulse of Ohio's Farmers (Doug Jackson-Smith and Shoshanah Inwood)
Ohio's toxic algae plan could give other states a blueprint (Robyn Wilson)
Taking the pulse of Ohio farmers (Doug Jackson-Smith, Shoshanah Inwood)
Unpacking the rise of urban coyotes (Stan Gehrt)
Why Coyotes — Up To 4,000 Of Them — Are Turning Up In Chicago (Stan Gehrt)
Chicago coyote captured after 2 suspected attacks reported (Stan Gehrt)


Heat or eat? How one energy conservation strategy may hurt vulnerable populations
Rare Earth

Coyotes have expanded their range to 49 states—and show no signs of stopping.
Your weekend trips to the park add up — in a good way
Congratulations to 2019 Student Project Grant Winners
Clean Water Act's Legacy for Ohio River
Heating the home is a battle of the sexes: Women prefer a warmer house than men… but are more likely to lose in the war over the thermostat
Who's winning the thermostat wars in your home?
First look at thermostat wars suggests women may be losing these battles

Al Gore Is Opening a New Front In the War On Climate Change 
Why the Soil and Trees May Not Absorb as Much Carbon as We Think
Is the gray wolf actually endangered?

'Low-Hanging Fruit’: Dr. Rattan Lal on How Soil & Farming Can Help Save the Climate
How to Get Rid of Carbon Emissions: Pay Farmers to Bury Them
Ohio State Awarded $3 Million NSF Grant for STEM Traineeship Program
New Bike Racks on Campus

Campus Sustainability Survey Report Now Available
Attracting more farmers to participate in water quality efforts
What the Amazon's fires mean for its animals
CHAIRE/Wilds Pseudo In-situ Conservation Short Course
What the Amazon fires mean for wild animals
Could Floating Islands Mitigate Toxic Algae Blooms?
Student Projects Advance Sustainability at Ohio State
New Technologies Reducing Uncertainty in Estimation of River Flow
The Trump Administration's Changes to the Endangered Species Act Risks Pushing More Species to Extinction
Saving endangered species: 5 essential reads
Alumni Voice: Unsustainable Comfort 

Ohio State announces summer commencement speaker
Faculty member presents soil science research at Congressional Soils Caucus briefing
Faculty Member Receives National Award
Helping farmers face extreme weather, climate challenges
Landscape fragmentation and water yield with unconventional shale oil and gas development in Ohio (Ohio Water Resources Center Newsletter)

How a New Soil Health Quality System Will Benefit Ohio Farmers
Songbird migration study finds a tiny, vulnerable winter range
A songbird’s fate hinges on one fragile area
Saving Colombia's Forests Is Crucial to Protect Prothonotary Warblers
Opinion: Science lacking in proposed waters of the U.S. rule
Train a Farmer, Feed a Nation: Launching a New Ag University in Ethiopia
OSU’s Sustainability Institute leads climate change research, teaching
Water quality expert @STRIVElab available to discuss concerns about proposed cutbacks to Clean Water Act protections for wetlands & streams.
A deadly strike for migrating birds
Successful ‘On Food and Faith’ conference concludes
Ten ways to go back to summer school
Can Soil Solve the Climate Crisis?

Making it more viable to turn agricultural waste into renewable fuel
How some Ohio farmers are trying to cut their carbon footprint
Spring 2019 Presidential Fellows
Crops for change: Student farmers focus on food and justice
Families Enjoy Hands-On Science Activities at WestFest
California is making a weak effort to turn agriculture into a climate change fix
Beliefs about Wildlife Management Are Changing
The Politics of Pollution - Alumna Kerry Ard researches environmental inequality from its political causes to its ultimate consequences of disparities in human health
Ohio State Energy Partners award winners advance innovation, collaboration
Reducing Harmful Lake Erie Algal Blooms: What Will It Take?


Saving birds one walk at a time
Study: Americans’ beliefs about wildlife management are changing
The Future of SAF: Ryan Vogel
Wildfires Alter Stream Chemistry for Years
FBI Cincinnati Presents Director’s Community Leadership Award to Deana Hudgins
Reception Honors Newest Members of Honorary 100
Student Success Celebrated
Ohio State's Rattan Lal receives Japan Prize
Ohio State researchers discuss innovation in smart energy and mobility
Sustainability Research Honored at Denman Forum
Ohio State Discusses Water Research with State Leaders in Sustainability
A Deeper Look At Elevated Phosphorous, Buckeye Farm News, April 2019
Shrub Could Boost Crops in Drought-Prone Areas, Buckeye Farm News, April 2019

How to persuade climate change is happening? It might depend on the sell (featured in The Daily Post)
Meet Dr. Christine Sprunger, Soil Science Assistant Professor
SENR’s Terrestrial Wildlife Ecology Lab Contributes to 50-State Milestone for Nationwide Forage Initiative
NBC4 Broadcasts Story on Lights Out Columbus
Attend Soil Science Research Day, March 28
2019 CFAES Distinguished Seniors Named
How climate change is affecting the Great Lakes
Group encourages turning lights off to help migratory birds
Attend Soil Science Research Day, March 28
From art to zooplankton: The effects of climate change are far-reaching
Urban Coyotes Featured in Ranger Rick
Coyotes in the City
Graduate Student Wins Future Leader in Science Award
CFAES Loves Its Buckeyes, and Also All Their Friends
Chow Line: CDC: Avoid "zombie" deer meet
Larry R. Yoder Prairie Learning Laboratory
EcoLab Woodlands
Steve Goodwin Recognized as Distinguished Alumni
Promoting a fruit few have eaten
2019 Cohort of President's Post-Doctoral Scholars Selected
ETHOS Ep 1: Rattan Lal
There's Nothing Smeary About Lake Erie Anymore
Growing With Intention, Ohio State Alumni Magazine, Spring 2019
Parks and Adaptation, AgriNaturalist Magazine, Spring 2019
Prize Winning Science, AgriNaturalist Magazine, Spring 2019

Scholarships help grow students and sustainabilty
Student Researchers Shine 
A cleaner Lake Erie - Ohio State student Harrison Fried is bringing important research to this year's Denman Forum
Graduate students recognized for fisheries achievement
As Grizzlies Come Back, Frustration Builds Over Continued Protections
Dig into soil health at Feb. 14 workshop
Graduate students recognized for fisheries achievement
Kowlett Spring 2019 Seminar Series Starts Feb. 7
Undergraduate research on display at Denman Forum
Wasted Opportunities Wins 1st Place in Smart Campus Challenge

2019 Japan Prize Honors Japanese and American Scientists in Fields of Chemistry and Agriculture
Opinion - Reconciling India’s food and nutritional security with environmental quality
SoCal Edison’s new rates will vary with the time of day. Some customers may not benefit much — or at all 




Accepting Applications for ACRE Internships
National Academies of Science Forum Includes SENR Prof
This Week's Fish and Wildlife Conference Features Ohio State Research
Faith communities and climate change focus of recent article in the Columbus Dispatch
Event to Feature Ohio’s Forests and the One in Ohio State’s Library
Interdisciplinary Approaches and Energy Research

Feb. 6 in Bucyrus: Workshop on Ways to Make Money From Your Woods
Feeding Your Feathered Friends? Study Finds Complex Relationships Among Bird Feeders, Predators and Nest Survival
Managing Predators Workshop Offered for Livestock Producers
CFAES’s Lal is a Highly Cited Researcher
Science and Outreach: A Bridge to the urban-rural Divide
New Exhibit Showcases History and Role of Forests in Ohio
March 1 Conference for Ohio Natural Resource Professionals
Conference to focus on rural people in a volatile world - abstract deadline soon
New evidence shows growing intolerance for lethal control of predators
Doctoral student's research on Ohio State soils featured
Faculty Member to Discuss Ohio's Forests at Science Cafe
New Book Review Editors Team Needed
Event to Explore Why We Need Healthy Rivers
Forum Highlights Undergraduate Research
Some Environment Researchers Concerned, Others Unfazed By Recent EPA Grant Freeze

Brown Bag: Linking Water Quality With Aquatic Biodiversity In Rural Ugandan Communities
New Healthy Soil Program Launched
Global Teamwork Focus of Columbus Dispatch Article
Faculty Member Recognized for Distinguished Teaching
Alumnus Recognized for Outstanding Contributions
EEDS Student Elected Vice President of USG
Saturday: Learn 15 Ways to Improve Your Woods and Wildlife
REI's Sustainability Chief to Speak at Ohio State
Ecological Restoration Research presented at meeting
Pond Clinic featured in Chagrin Valley Times
SENR Undergraduate Research Small Grant Opportunity
Study finds Trees’ role in fighting global warming extends beyond carbon consumption
Faculty Honored at Recognition Reception
SENR Front Desk Hiring New Assistant

SENR Students Present at Denman Research Forum
Brown Bag: Culture, Agriculture And Shrubs
Graduate Student Elected to Council of Interdisciplinary Professional Society
Aquaculture Research at Ohio State Represented at International Conference
Rattan Lal honored by Elsevier
April 18: How Getting Around Columbus Will Be Getting a Lot Smarter
Environmental Science Student Symposium Is Wednesday at Ohio State
New Soil Fertility Website Available
Faculty member receives Outstanding Teacher Award
Student Uses Grant to Improve Campus Sustainability
OSHA Health & Safety Training Offered
Ohio State senior projects support Smart Columbus mission
Capstone Partnership Focus of Article
Growing Returns discusses efforts to update Tri-State Fertility Guide

Top 5 Moments from Environmental Professionals Network
Earth Day Service at the Wetlands
Registration Open, Scholarships Available for Forestry and Wildlife Conservation Camps
Ohio State Student Awarded Udall Scholarship
School Offers Education Abroad Experiences
Lower Receives Distinguised Teaching Award
Classroom Spotlight: Developing Forest Management Strategies
Celebrating the Class of 2017
June 8: Discover the Nature of Clintonville's Ravines
Lecturer: Nature Thrives in Clintonville's Ravines
Arbor Day and Tree Preservation
The Creatures in Your Garden When You Sleep

Detecting and spotting wildlife – a School of Environment and Natural Resources Interview Series
See How a Tree Grown in Northern Ohio Becomes, Say, an Amish-Made Dining Room Chair
Article highlight's faculty role in Ohio State's future
Ohio Ag Net Podcast Episode 13 | Hot & Cold on the Paris Accord & Helping Young Farmers Succeed
New research unlocks forests’ potential in climate change mitigation

Don't Know Which Tree Is Which? There's Help
Exhibit educates public on Ohio's forest resources
Rattan Lal receives honorary degree
Winning interactive art on display informed by bird species identified as part of Climate Change Bird Atlas
Volunteer Naturalists Are Certified, Celebrated and Ready to Serve
Ohio Educators: Explore 2 ‘Amazing’ Resources for Teaching About Nature, the Environment
How to Be Safe When You’re Using a Chainsaw
InFocus: New Farming Techniques (part of Spectrum Networks series Protecting Ohio's Water)
First Energy Impacts Symposium Starts Wednesday at Ohio State
Project tests whether wetlands can reduce Buckeye Lake algae

Learn to Diagnose Problems in Your Trees, Including New Beech Disease
Ohio Composting Industry Tour Is Aug. 24
OSHA Health & Safety Training Offered AU17
ENR Express Services Every Friday AU17
See New Streambank, Prairie Projects in Farm Science Review’s Gwynne Conservation Area
Registration for the 2017 Ohio Environmental Leaders Institute is Now Open!
Emeritus Professor to Receive Public Policy Award
Event to Look at Farming, Water Quality, Ohio’s Efforts for Both
Professor Emeritus Keynote at International Rural Crime Conference

Gwynne a Green Spot at Farm Science Review: Why You Should Check It Out
Professor Lal Awarded Borlaug Fellowship
Solving Harmful Algal Blooms: Progress in 2016-2017 at a Wetlaculture Experiment at Buckeye Lake, Ohio (pages 8 & 9 of Ohio Wetlands Association Wetland Trumpeteer Newsletter)
The Ohio Vernal Pool Network Welcomes Lauren Blyth as its New Project Assistant (page 10 of Ohio Wetlands Association Wetland Trumpeteer Newsletter)
Canoe tour led by SENR student featured in Outdoor News
Student Opportunity: US EPA Announces 2017 Campus RainWorks Challenge
CFAES Researcher Part of New Project Studying Conservation Incentives, Farming Practices
Ohio State course gets students involved in urban development
Sssselebrities to follow on Twitter
As nations tilt toward deglobalization, Ohio State will study how food, energy and water systems in the Great Lakes region might be affected
Urban Soils Course Featured
Strip-mine land restoration efforts on front page of The Columbus Dispatch

Studying Bacteria that Follow the Earth’s Magnetic Field
Donnermeyer is keynote speaker at the First International Rural Crime Conference in Africa
From Deer to Bats to Cats, Conference to Focus on Managing Wildlife Conflicts
Harmful Algal Blooms Impact on Recreational Walleye Fishery Grant Awarded
New EPN Director Announced
Faculty Member Part of Multi-State Team Awarded Funding

Ohio’s Bats Do Scary-Good Work, Face a Real Horror Story
Internships Focus of Recent Forum
New Podcast on Sustainability Available
Enhancing Access to Environmental Science
‘Mr. Pruitt is welcome to officially fire me’ – as EPA carries out controversial policy, one scientist balks
Students Honored for Campus, Community Sustainability Efforts
Catch up on news from the school's alumni society
A growing number of young Americans are leaving desk jobs to farm
Ohio State researcher defies EPA advisory board policy, refuses to resign
Soil Power! The Dirty Way to a Green Planet

Professor Lal and C-MASC In NY Times Sunday Review
Undergraduates attend national Net Impact Conference
Professor Emeritus receives Lifetime Achievement Award
Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals and Diabetes Disparities examined in new article
Once they start composting, people find other ways to be “green”
Funding awarded to study trust in food, energy, and water consumption feedback
The Ground Beneath Our Feet
Ohio State Faculty Member Receives Prestigious Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research Award for Early-Career Innovation in Soil Health
Professor Moore Receives Public Policy Award
Lal: in the NY Time and Around the World
Donnermeyer receives Lifetime Achievement Award
Wilson honored by risk analysis society
In-Person Poster Symposium Goes Virtual
Scientists seek diagnostic tool for harmful algal blooms
Faculty Member Recognized for Outstanding Achievement




TWS Researchers Track Metropolitan Coyote Habits
SENR welcomes new restoration ecologist this semester
Professor emeritus publishes new book
CNN Hero of the Year, a Cleaner of Rivers, to Speak at Ohio State
Newly funded project to design mentoring program
Urban Coyote Research Featured on NBC's TODAY Show and Nightly News
Faculty member, students working on recommendations to further improve park
New Ventures project to bring together academic and conservation scientists
Hitzhusen Interviewed for article on upcoming encyclical from Pope Francis
January's EPN Program to Look at New Central Ohio Clean Water Effort

Environmental activist Chad Pregracke encourages students to take on challenges
SENR Experts Presenting at Conservation Tillage Conference
Undergraduate Researchers Participate in Forum
Sullivan chosen for Fulbright biodiversity chair
Can fungus-endangered amphibians be saved?
Wildlife Program Specialist Recognized by Ohio Forestry Association
Bring Your Own Device Wins Big
Ohio State Experts Presenting at Sustainable Agriculture Conference
Humans needn’t fear coyotes, which prefer to keep distance
Nosker House learning community aims to promote sustainability
Graduate Students Presenting at Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference
Prothonotary Warbler draws faculty member to Panama
World Wetlands Day, Feb. 2

Opportunities in Federal Service for students and recent graduates
Students Present at Denman Undergraduate Research Forum
Students help Columbus rank in top 30 green power cities
Bangladeshi Graduate Student Addresses Food Insecurity in Home Country Through Research at Ohio State
Tri-State Workshop Can Help You Get Into Your Woods
Reaccreditation Process of Forestry Curriculums Underway
Reception held to honor faculty and staff making a difference
National Geographic Photographer to Speak at Ohio State: ‘Protecting Earth’s Biodiversity’
Bad Winters Hard on Pond Fish: What You Can Do
Speakers to Focus on Water March 10; ‘Clean Rivers’ Live-Stream Is Feb. 24
Get to Know Your Trees: 1-Day School in Mansfield
Workshop on What You Can Do With Your Woods
2 Ways to Learn How to Be Safe With Chainsaws

Faculty Contribute to Vulnerability Assessment
Students Offer Sustainability Solutions to Mayor Coleman’s Green Team
College Gathers to Celebrate Accomplishments
Spent Foundry Sand’s Second Life: OK to Use in Some Soils
Get Details on Jeni's Sustainability Success, Plus Ice Cream at Breakfast

Engaging OSU Students in Conservation Practices and Planning
MENR Graduate Working on Relocation of Endangered Mussels
Opportunity for Undergraduates Weaves Together Mission Areas
SENR Professor Emeritus Wins International Award for Career in Wetland Research and Teaching
Ohio State Fans: 7 Things to Know About Growing an Ohio Buckeye Tree
Reflections on Biking To Work
Assistant Professor to study long-term, post-wildfire changes in sagebrush ecosystems
Graduate Students Present Research Proposals

How to Keep Your Forest Healthy: July 23 Workshop on Stopping Invasive Insects
Teaching Excellence Recognized
Opportunity for Undergraduates Weaves Together Mission Areas

Oh, Deer! Workshop Set on Managing Backyard Wildlife Conflicts
Research on best practices to manage phosphorus featured in article
New C-MASC Newsletter Available
Stan Gehrt quoted in Dispatch article focused on foxes
New Greenhouses Boost Research, Competitive Edge
Recipient of Fellowship Gaining Real-World Research Experience
Doctoral Student Focuses on Nutritional Requirements of Yellow Perch Larvae with Live Food Enrichments
Professor to Serve Term on Forestry Advisory Council
SENR scientists author chapter in newly published book
New Faculty Member Joins the School
French Agriculture Minister Stéphane Le Foll Visits C-MASC
EPN Event Features New Green Columbia Gas HQ




New Year, New Semester 
Plan to Delist Gray Wolf Endangers Other Threatened Species, Researchers Find 
SENR Research in the News: New Life for Dredged Material 
PBS's NATURE Episode Features SENR Faculty Member and Urban Coyote Expert 
SENR's Terrestrial Wildlife Ecology Lab To Participate in Annual Fish and Wildlife Conference 
We've got it on our calendar. Do you have it on yours? 
Surveying the Landscape: Interdisciplinary Research Examines Connection Between Farming and Health of Maumee River Watershed 
CFAES Students Gain International Research Experience, and Much More

SENR's Stanley Gehrt in the News 
Brian Lower Receives 'Coursework Affordability' Grant 
EPN Breakfast Club focuses on water sustainability 
Student awardees exemplify collaborative nature of international agricultural research 
Ohio Certified Volunteer Naturalist (OCVN) program featured in Columbus Dispatch 
How to Make Green from Your Woods, Keep Them Green in the Future 
Former South Carolina Congressman to tackle two issues:  partisanship and climate change 
Workshop Discusses Whether Agriculture Can Significantly Reduce Off-Site Movement of Soluble Nutrients

How One Ohio County Responded to Shale Development 
SENR Undergraduates Share Research at Forum 
SENR Graduate Student Selected to Participate in Project Recognizing Outstanding Food and Agriculture Scholars 
SENR Welcomes New Faculty Member 
Leaves in Absence? How to ID Trees in Winter
New Online Tool Helps Well Owners Understand Water Test Results 
ESN Executive Director and SENR Professor To Testify Before House Subcommittee on Water and Environment 
Environmental Professionals Network (EPN) Welcomes Jack Hanna, Columbus Zoo and Aquarium 
SENR faculty member chronicles teaching journey at conference aimed at enhancing student learning 
EEDS Faculty Leader to Discuss Sustainable Development 
CFAES’s Sullivan Nets Ohio State Distinguished Teaching Award 
SENR Undergraduate Researchers Awarded Top Honors 
SENR Undergraduate Awarded Research Grant

Jack Hanna to Headline Environmental Event at Ohio State 
Undergraduate Research Proposal Opportunity 
Surveying the Landscape: Interdisciplinary Research Examines Connection Between Farming and Health of Maumee River Watershed 
Ohio State Study: What Happens to a River When a Dam Comes Down?
'Plant That Ate the South' Is Here: Poster Tells Public to Watch Out for Kudzu 
Tree School Set for Ohio State Mansfield
How Are Human, Animal and Environmental Health Connected? 
New OSU Extension Expert Working with Growers to Reduce Nutrient Loads 
SENR to Partner on New Sustainability Learning Community with OSU Housing 
SENR Research on the impact of low-head dam removal featured in Columbus Dispatch 
Students Offer Sustainability Solutions to Mayor Coleman’s Green Team

That's a Wrap! SENR Ends Semester on High Note 
SENR Faculty Member Elected to Leadership Position with Ohio Society of American Foresters 
SENR Professor's research highlighted in leading newspaper 
SENR Faculty Member Elected to Serve on Rural Sociological Society Council 
SENR Community reflects on why they like to ride 
Got Dead Ash Trees? Two Workshops Slated on Chainsaw Safety
Ohio State Researchers Help to Author the U.S. National Climate Assessment Report
OCVN Announces Inaugural Chapter in Central Ohio

SENR Graduate Students Receive SEEDS Grants
May Session Course in Pictures
Steve Culman Joins Faculty as Assistant Professor in Soil Fertility
SENR Graduate Student Awarded NSF Fellowship to Conduct Research in Japan
Lal to Head International Soil Science Group
Plant Power: Ohio Naturalist, Author to Speak on Protecting Ecosystems

Kudzu That Ate U.S. South Heads North as Climate Changes
Feral Pigs Invades Ohio 
Sustainable Change Program Offers Students Service-Learning and Development Experience in Ghana, West Africa 
College Dives Deep Into Issues of Water 
Foresters or Magicians Needed in Ohio's Woodlands? 
Dr. Lal Listed Among World's Most Influential Scientific Minds 
Pigs Gone Wild Have Come to Ohio

Phosphorus control efforts have slipped as algae problem grows 
$3+ Million NIH Grant Funds Earth Scientist's Work on Medical Implants 
Climate Change Will Threaten Fish by Drying Out Southwest U.S. Streams, Study Predicts 
Got Questions on Trees, Plants, Flowers or Conservation? Farm Science Review’s Gwynne Conservation Area Has the Answer

NSF funds Associate Professor Brian Lower’s project on magnetotactic bacteria found naturally in aquatic ecosystems 
OnCampus Features Assistant Professor Jaeger's Research 
SENR Faculty Member Completes Summer Faculty Fellowship Program 
Join SENR in Welcoming Our New Faculty 
Oct. 14: How to Stop Algal Blooms, Keep Drinking Water Safe 
ScienceWriters2014 Features SENR's Gehrt, Wetlands 
Study: Most Farmers Willing to Take More Steps to Improve Water Quality

Gypsum Spread on Farms Could Help Keep Water Clean, Not Green 
Ohio State Experts Offer Tips on Best Management Practices to Keep Phosphorus on the Field, Improve Water Quality 
$500,000 Gift from Dorothy Teater Creates New CFAES Endowment 
Dr. Stanley Gehrt's Coyote Research Featured in Podcast 
SENR Well Represented at Pathways Conference
SENR Doctoral Student Invited to Attend World Prize Events

Buckeye trees focus of Columbus Dispatch Article
National Geographic Crittercam captures coyote running through Chicago streets
Building African Food Security One Student at a Time
Working Group Formed to Build Capacity for Science-Based Solutions to Carnivore Conflicts in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem
Terrestrial Wildlife Ecology Lab affiliates present research at annual wildlife meeting
SENR Interview on the Environmental Science Student Symposium
Brampton looks to stop coyote attacks with ban on feeding wildlife
Climate change could shift buckeye’s habitat to Michigan
Researchers say state tree may not thrive in Ohio 
Naperville residents concerned by coyote presence 
Meet the coyote packs roaming downtown Chicago: Predators have adapted to city life so well more than 2,000 now call the Windy City home 
Downtown coyotes: Inside the secret lives of Chicago’s predator 
Mineral may help fight phosphorous runoff at farms
Researchers find a climate of change
Nature wants her carbon back
Ohio State to hold workshop on drones in agriculture
13 Ohio State scientists rank among world’s most influential

Dispatch article focuses on scientific studies to curb fertilizer loss
Environmental Impacts of Shale Gas Extraction presentation covered by Civitas Media
New Edition of Alumni Connection Available
Mississauga not planning any changes to coyote management program following attacks 
City Coyotes Way More Mobile Than Suburban Ones ... And They Look Both Ways



Coal Plant Byproduct, If Spread on Farms, Could Fight Lake Erie Algae 
Tri-lateral Partnership Addresses African Food Security 
Former ENR Masters Student is New Executive Director of MORPC 
ENR Express Services Every Friday 
SENR faculty research featured in most recent National Wildlife Federation magazine 
Available Now!  Managing Forest Birds in Southeast Ohio:  A Guide for Land Managers

SENR 2013 Spring Seminar Series 
Environmental Professionals Network (EPN) to Offer 6th Breakfast 
EEDS Program Director Recognized for Service 
OSU Alumni Magazine highlights SENR Faculty Research 
SENR Wildlife Program Specialist offers workshop at the largest Ohio sustainable food and farming conference 
National Invasive Species Awareness Week 
SENR Research Recognized at Annual OARDC Conference 
SENR Extension/Outreach Programs Offer Educational Courses and Workshops 
SENR Undergraduates Present Research at OSU Forum

NEW!  Guide Released on Habitat Management for Cerulean Warblers 
Walls are Moving at the Wetlands and More News! 
NEW!  Your Pond Update 
SENR Graduate Students Selected to Participate in Prestigious Workshop 
SENR Alumni Society to cheer on OSU Buckeyes 
SENR Co-sponsor of Event with Global Energy Expert  
SENR Soil Scientist Working to Make P-Index More Functional 
Educational Opportunities for Water Professionals Announced 
Celebrate Earth Day with the Environmental Professionals Network (EPN) 
SENR's Professor Sharp on All Sides with Ann Fisher Today

Poster Awarded First Place at Undergraduate Research Forum 
60th Annual CFAES Banquet Celebrates Undergraduate Achievement
SENR Faculty Member to Conduct Webinar on the New Geography of Poverty 
Meeting Focuses on Role of Ecological Restoration and Sustainability 
The Ohio State University named national champion in Environmental March Madness tournament 
SENR Faculty Member to Discuss Future of Olentangy River 
EPN and SENR Host Free Screening of Award Winning Film Tonight 
SENR Symposium Highlights Graduate Research 
Thank You Earth Day Volunteers!

SENR Offers Engaging Programs During May Session and Summer 
Congratulations to our SENR Graduates 
Leading Polar Bear Scientist to Speak at EPN Breakfast 
Factsheet Series Focuses on Economic Impact of Ohio’s Forest Industry 
SENR Spring Seminar Series Culminates with Retrospective and New Tradition 
SENR Professor Emeritus Film Discussant at World Science Festival 
U.S. Agriculture Acting Deputy Secretary to Visit SENR's Schiermeier Wetlands

Research on Ohio's Phosphorus Risk Index Highlighted in Columbus Dispatch 
SENR Reception Recognizes Dr. Hendrick's Leadership 
Suspect an invasive species?  Report your sighting using smartphone App 
iTunes U course offered by SENR Faculty Member is Bestseller
Dr. Moore Joins OSU's Office of Energy and Environment 
SENR Professor Directs Collaborative Project Focused on Restoring Fragile Landscapes on the Sahel 
Institute Builds Knowledge, Skills and Partnerships 
Youth Experience and Learn about Ohio’s Natural Resources 
Receptions Held to Honor School of Environment and Natural Resources Retirees

SENR Graduate Student Awarded Summer Research Grant 
Australia Study Abroad – A Once in a Lifetime Experience 
SENR Undergraduates Engaged in Diversity of Summer Experiences 
Ohio State University Researchers Working with Farmers to Protect Ohio Water Quality, Lessen Algal Blooms 
Mississippi River Basin Panel to meet at the Schiermeier Wetlands 
Faculty Partnering on One Health Initiative

SENR Well Represented at Professional Meetings 
Express Services Offered for Students This Week 
Welcome New and Returning Students 
Pay It Forward Event at Schiermeier Wetlands 
SENR Students Take Advantage of Opportunities to Gain Real World Experience 
Commentary on the Student-Citizen

SENR Researchers Collaborate and Develop Tool to Assess Sustainability Knowledge 
Wildlife, Water and Woodland Presentations Aplenty at this year’s Farm Science Review 
SENR Distinguished Professor chosen as one of the first Global Dryland Champions 
State agency directors to speak on nutrient runoff, water quality at EPN October Breakfast 
First Annual Report of the Environmental Professionals Network Released 
Five Faculty Advising Forums Offered to SENR Undergraduates

TWEL Faculty, Staff and Students Attending Wildlife Conference 
New Faces Join SENR Faculty 
EPN Partners with the Columbus Metropolitan Club for November Luncheon 
Annual Environmental Science Student Symposium To Feature Over 600 Presentations

Program to Look at Future of America's Infrastructure 
Wetland Ecology Class Offers Hands-On Learning 
Stay Connected with The Alumni Connection 
Feral Cats Avoid Urban Coyotes, Are Surprisingly Healthy 
SENR Student Observation: Comeback kids? Bobwhites seen in Columbus 
CFAES Forestry Students to Sell Christmas Trees Dec. 5-8 
New Fact Sheet Describes and Documents Feral Swine Population and Their Threat to Agriculture and Natural Resources

Program to Discuss Increasing Central Ohio’s Recreation Access 
Speakers to Look at LEED, New 'Sustainable Sites Initiative'