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Template Guide:

You will notice that when you first enter your Carmen Canvas course, it looks rather barren. It may be difficult to know where to begin. In order to assist you, we have created an SENR Course Template. You can use the template to host an entire course or just a few components; it’s very flexible. The template contains essential components of courses structured around Quality Matters standards, as well as Ohio State best practices in online course design. Even if you’re teaching in-person, having a well-designed Carmen page, consistent with your peers, can help students locate necessary resources for your course. The SENR Course Template contains placeholders and design items that you can keep, delete, or customize to meet your needs.

How Do I Access the SENR Template?

The SENR Course Template is located in the Canvas Commons, Canvas' learning object repository. The Commons, available to all instructor accounts, is a place where educators can find, import, and share digital resources.


Step 1: Navigate to the Canvas Commons

Begin by logging into Carmen. From the landing page, enter into any of your Carmen Canvas courses. From here, you can enter into the Canvas Commons by clicking on the link in the dark gray Global Navigation Bar, located on the far left of your browser window. Look for the large C.

Canvas Commons

Step 2: Locate the SENR Course Template

A resource in the Canvas Commons can be a Course, Module, Quiz, Assignment, Discussion, Page, Document, Video, Image, or Audio file. Each resource type has a unique icon. Look for these related colors and icons when searching for resources. 

To find resources in the Canvas Commons, use the search field. Keywords can include author, institution, title, or outcome.

icon_SENR_template_commons.pngTo find the SENR Course template, use one of the following keywords:

  • To find the SENR Course template, use one of the following keywords:

  • SENR
  • RurlSoc
  • ENR
  • Kylienne Shaul


Step 3: Import the Template into your Course

Once you have found the template (or other resource) you want, you will use the import tool on the right-hand side of the screen:

Select which course(s) you would like to import the template into, then select the green button below labeled Import into Course. You can import an asset into multiple courses at once.

You will receive a notification that the course has successfully imported. If the import was successful, you can navigate back to the course you selected and find the new asset there. Resources may take up to 5 minutes to start appearing in your course(s). If you find that a template course or another asset has not successfully imported after this time, you may want to repeat these steps.

Using a Master Course: CarmenCanvas allows you to create Master Courses. The idea is to let you build a Canvas course for something you are going to teach before you get access to your real course. Master Courses can also function as a place to experiment, such as importing the SENR Course Template, without worrying about "messing up" a real course. See “How do I copy content from another Canvas course?” for how to copy your master course into your academic course.


Step 4: Modify as Necessary

Voilà! Now that the template is in your course, you can modify as necessary. Keep resources you want, delete those you don't, and replace the place holder text with your course specific information.

Additional Assistance

If you need assistance working with the template or importing it into your course, send an email to Carmen support. Be as specific as possible with your requests and questions. Include course names, terms, etc. 

Carmen Support for SENR: Kylienne Shaul ( or Ella Weaver ( 

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