Land Management

Program of Study- Land Management

Specialization Courses:

Through careful consultation with the Program Coordinator and the MENR Director, students must select courses within their field of study that best support their areas of interest, professional goals, and objectives. Specialization Courses must be selected within a coherent field of study in environment and natural resources; the intention is to allow students to develop a depth of knowledge connected to their career goals. While students are encouraged to take ENR classes as part of their Specialization Courses, student may also include Graduate level courses in other departments, if these courses best support a student’s academic path and relate directly to the field.

Core Courses (8-9 Credits)

The Core comprises three courses that provide students with a fundamental understanding of the ecological foundations of environmental and natural resources problems and issues, the legal framework that defines the responsibilities of environmental and resources agencies and organizations, and the processes that underlie environmental management and decision making. These courses serve to develop a breadth of knowledge across the field and are:


a. ENR 7520 Environmental Science and Law (3 credits)

Introduction to the common and statutory law and administration of environmental protection, with special emphasis on scientific and technological aspects.

b. One social science course (5000 level or above).

c. One ecology course (5000 level or above).

definition of land management, statement (1 or two sentences) srudents who have pursued this, potential career fields.

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