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Multimedia: EPN Webinar - June 16, 2020

On June 16, 2020 the Environmental Professioals Network (EPN) hosted a webinar in partnership with Central State University, Hocking Soil and Water Conservation District, Holden Forests and Gardens, and ODNR Division of Forestry on Women Owning Woodlands: Networks for inclusive land stewardship.

Event: EPN Webinar - June 16, 2020 Women Owning Woodlands: Networks for inclusive land stewardship

Women are woodland stewards around the globe. They participate in stewardship on their own property, within their local community, or on shared public lands. When looking at woodland owners, researchers find that similar proportions of women and men hope to inherit their family forestland, yet fewer women than men have been involved in management of the family forest [1]. In the US, women tend to outlive men, with a life expectancy of an additional five years on average.

Multimedia: April 15, 2020 Ohio State’s Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day

Hosted by: Ohio State's School of Environment and Natural Resources and the Sustainability Institute


Multimedia: Exploring the Interactions between Water, Climate and Communication

On Tuesday March 17, the Environmental Professionals Network (EPN) hosted a Zoom Webinar-based program instead of our standard EPN in-person breakfast program. 

News article: New blog shares highlights birding in Columbus with Jason Ward

Hope is the thing with feathers: Birding in Columbus with Jason Ward 

Author: Nicole Jackson, EPN program coordinator 



Event: Digging in with Ohio's Soil Experts
Event: EPN Breakfast - November 19, 2019
The Future of Wildlife Conservation: Funding Strategies for the State of Ohio

Click here to view a video-based introduction to this program from our speakers and the EPN

Event: EPN Breakfast - October 8, 2019