Aquaculture program hosting three visiting scholars

Nov. 5, 2018
International scholars at The Ohio State University visited the Kentucky State University Aquaculture Center in Frankfort, KY.   Dr. Ken Semmens explains the function of their hatchery system (October 19, 2018).

Aquaculture, fish production in controlled environments, is attracting wide international attention as needs for sea food continue to rise, both in industrial and developing countries.

Konrad Dabrowski, a professor in fisheries and aquaculture in the School of Environment and Natural Resources at The Ohio State University, is engaged in collaborative aquaculture research with academics and other organizations in South-East Asia and Africa. He leads Ohio State’s Aquaculture Laboratory and is currently hosting three visiting scholars, who are conducting research in the lab.

Mrs. Nurulhuda Ahmad Fatan is the Senior Researcher in one of the largest international organizations in aquaculture and fisheries, WorldFish.  Worldfish headquarters is located in Penang, Malaysia, and has field stations in various countries, such as Bangladesh, Myanmar, Solomon Islands, Egypt, and Zambia. Mrs. Ahmad is a Borlaug Fellow and is working on diet formulations for fish that would include fermented fish processing waste. She is utilizing zebrafish as a model species. This work with zebrafish will allow her to evaluate biological value of fish waste in tropical fish within a short period of time (generation time of zebrafish is only 43 days) and gather information on the effect of this new ingredient on reproduction and quality of offspring. This project is in collaboration with Rafael Jimenez-Flores, a professor in Ohio State's Food Science and Technology Department, who specializes in dairy products and is currently attempting to use acid whey from the dairy industry to initiate fermentation and preserve fish waste.

Professor Atse Boua Celestin is a Fulbright Fellow from Oceanological Research Center in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Professor Celestin also teaches aquaculture and fish reproduction courses at Felix Houphouët-Boigny University in Ivory Coast and advises graduate students.  He will be conducting research in the Aquaculture Laboratory studying the nutrition of early life stages of Nile tilapia, one of the major aquaculture species in Africa.

Ebtehel Hussein is a former Ph.D student of Professor Dabrowski, who has returned to The Ohio State University with the support of the Egyptian government as a postdoctoral fellow. She is currently a professor at the Manoufiya University in Shebin-el-Kom in Egypt. Her research investigates the replacement of fish meal in the diets of tilapia and trout and the effects of antinutritional factors in algae and plant meals on the morphology of fish digestive tracts.


Konrad Dabrowski