Doctoral Student Focuses on Nutritional Requirements of Yellow Perch Larvae with Live Food Enrichments

July 10, 2015

John Grayson, a doctoral student in the School of Environment and Natural Resources specializing in fisheries and wildlife sciences and advised by Professor Konrad Dabrowski, was recently awarded funding through the 2015 SEEDS: The OARDC Research Enhancement Competitive Grants Program. With this funding, Grayson will build on his existing research on yellow perch (Perca flavescens), a popular gamefish in the Great Lakes region that is also highly prized table fare. Grayson seeks to better understand the nutritional requirements of yellow perch in early life stages, which he notes is critical to the success of indoor-intensive production of yellow perch. Specifically, he will investigate the influence of polyunsaturated fatty acids of live feeds with and without antioxidant supplementation on the survival, growth, and physiological development of yellow perch. 

Photo caption: John Grayson, doctoral student in the School of Environment and Natural Resources' Aquaculture Laboratory and recipient of a 2015 OARDC SEEDS grant.