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Faculty to Discuss Motivating Sustainable Behavior

Jan. 27, 2016

Robyn Wilson, associate professor of Risk Analysis and Decision Science in the School of Environment and Natural Resources, will discuss sustainable behavior at this week's COMPAS spring conference on Realizing Sustainability at The Ohio State University.  The two-day conference brings together experts to explore the challenge of realizing sustainability. Wilson and associate professor Matthew C. Nisbet, Communication Studies at Northeastern University, will address questions, such as how should we motivate people to promote sustainability? and what psychological and social barriers do we face in doing so? 

Greg Hitzhusen, assistant professor in the School of Environment and Natural Resources, will serve as moderator for the session.

The two-day conference, which is being held at the Thompson Library builds on the fall COMPAS conference, which explored the value trade-offs that are involved in pursuing competing visions of a sustainable future. The spring COMPAS conference shifts to the practical focusing on the challenge of realizing sustainability and asks: Who bears responsibility for this challenge and how can we motivate the necessary shifts in public policy and personal behavior?