Faculty research on air pollution disparities featured

Aug. 13, 2019
Ohio State News features research conducted by faculty member Kerry Ard on air pollution disparities.

Disease-causing air pollution remains high in pockets of America – particularly those where many low-income and African-American people live, a disparity highlighted in research presented at the annual meeting of the American Sociological Association in New York. The nation’s air on the whole has become cleaner in the past 70 years, but those benefits are seen primarily in whiter, higher-income areas, said Kerry Ard, an associate professor of environmental sociology in the School of Environment and Natural Resources at The Ohio State University. 

Read the full Ohio State News release, "Low-income, black neighborhoods still hit hard by air pollution" by Misti Crane featuring Ard's research that examined air pollution and the demographics of the people who lived in 1-kilometer-square areas throughout a six-state region from 1995 through 1998.