Faculty, Students to Present Research at Annual Fish and Wildlife Conference

Jan. 13, 2018
Wildlife research by Ohio State researchers to be presented at Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference in Wisconsin. Photo credit: Jeremy Bruskotter

Faculty and students will attend and present their research at the upcoming Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin later this month. The conference brings together biologists and students from state, federal, and tribal natural resources agencies from the Midwest, Great Plains, Rocky Mountains and Canadian provinces.

Representing the School of Environment and Natural Resources at this year's conference are:


Survey Methodology, Movement Ecology, and the Vital Rates of the Virginia Rail and Sora in the Lake Erie Coastal Marshes of Northern Ohio
James Hansen, The Ohio State University; Nicole Hengst, The Ohio State University; Brendan Shirkey, Winous Point Marsh Conservancy; John Simpson, Winous Point Marsh Conservancy; Robert Gates, The Ohio State University

Poster Presentations

Evaluating Potential Effects of Proximity to Roadways in a Road-naïve Population of Turtles
Marcel Weigand, The Ohio State University; Christopher Tonra, The Ohio State University; Ryan Wagner, The Ohio State University; and Viorel Popescu, Ohio University

Ranavirus Effects on Metamorphic Salamander Body Condition and Growth in Create Wetlands
Kelsey M. Low, Illinois Natural History Survey; Christopher A. Phillips, Illinois Natural History Survey; Matthew C. Allender, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Illinois; William E. Peterman, The Ohio State University; John A. Crawford, National Great Rivers Research and Education Center; Andrew R. Kuhns, Illinois Natural History Survey

Population Demographics of the North American River Otter in Ohio After 12 Years of Harvest
Sara Adamczak, E. Hance Ellington, Stanley Gehrt - School of Environment and Natural Resources, The Ohio State University

Wildlife Habitat Tools and Technology Session

Response of Early Successional Avifauna to Pipeline Right-of-Way Vegetation Management in Eastern Ohio

Lewis Lolya, Gabriel Karns, Stephen Matthews -  School of Environment and Natural Resources, The Ohio State University

To attend and register for this year’s conference themed Strengthening Natural Resources through Collaboration visit: http://www.midwestfw.org/