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School of Environment and Natural Resources


New faculty member joins SENR

Aug. 23, 2022

The School of Environment and Natural Resources is pleased to welcome Dr. Marijke Hecht, who joins SENR as an assistant professor of environmental education.



Dr. Hecht in Glacier National Park standing on a tree trunk in water with mountains in the foreground.

Dr. Hecht conducts research on how experiences across home, school, and informal spaces, such as parks and museums, support environmental interest and identity development and works collaboratively with educators, learners, and community members to explore urban greenspaces as valuable sites for learning, advocacy, and stewardship and to foster relationships between human and more-than-human beings in support of multispecies justice.

Dr. Hecht will teach ENR 3611 – Introduction to Environmental Education, a foundational course that prepares students for understanding the theoretical bases and best practices for effective environmental education and communications.