Recent faculty, staff and student publications

April 7, 2020
Recent publications by SENR faculty, staff and students.

Recent Publications

Faculty, staff and students publish their research in a wide variety of scientific publications in their fields of study. 

Ames, E.M., M.R. Gade, C.L. Nieman, J.R. Wright, C.M. Tonra, C.M. Marroquin, A.M. Tutterow and S.M. Gray. 2020. Striving for population-level conservation: integrating physiology across the biological hierarchy. Conservation Physiology, Volume 8, Issue 1, 2020, coaa019,

Carlson, S.C., Dietsch, A.M., Slagle, K.M., Bruskotter, J.T. 2020. The VIPs of Wolf Conservation: How Values, Identity, and Place Shape Attitudes Toward Wolves in the United States. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 8

Lubell, M., J. Mewhirter, R. Berardo. 2020. The Origins of Conflict in Polycentric Governance Systems. Public Administration Review 80(2) 222-233.

Moonilall, N.I., O. Homenauth, and R. Lal. 2020. Emergy analysis for maize fields under different amendment applications in Guyana. Journal of Cleaner Production, 258 (2020) 120761.

Rapp, C., E. Rabung, R. Wilson and E. Toman. 2020. Wildfire decision support tools: an exploratory study of use in the United States. International Journal of Wildland Fire

van Eeden, L.M., K. Slagle, T.M. Newsome, M.S, Crowther, C.R. Dickman, and J.T. Bruskotter. 2020. Exploring nationality and social identity to explain attitudes toward conservation actions in the United States and Australia. Conservation Biology

van Eeden, L.M., K. Slagle, M.S. Crowther, C.R. Dickman, T.M. Newsome. 2020. Linking social identity, risk perception, and behavioral psychology to understand predator management by livestock producers. Restoration Ecology

van Eeden, L. M., Newsome, T. M., Crowther, M. S., Dickman, C. R., & Bruskotter, J. (2020). Diverse public perceptions of species' status and management align with conflicting conservation frameworks. Biological Conservation, 242, 108416.

Wilk, A.J., Donlon, K.C. & Peterman, W.E. Effects of habitat fragment size and isolation on the density and genetics of urban red-backed salamanders (Plethodon cinereus). Urban Ecosyst (2020).

Wilson, R.S., Herziger, A., Hamilton, M. et al. From incremental to transformative adaptation in individual responses to climate-exacerbated hazards. Nat. Clim. Chang. (2020).

Xin, Y., Williams, R.A. 2019. Effects of burn season on large seedlings of oak and other hardwoodregeneration three years after shelterwood harvest. – Forestry Studies | MetsanduslikudUurimused 71, 1–16, ISSN 1406-9954.