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Recent Publications

Oct. 13, 2021
Recent publications by SENR faculty, staff and students.

Brock C, Jackson-Smith D, Kumarappan S, Culman S, Herms C, Doohan D. Organic Corn Production Practices and Profitability in the Eastern U.S. Corn Belt. Sustainability. 2021; 13(16):8682.

Chongpinitchai, Angela and Roger A. Williams. 2021. The response of the invasive princess tree (Paulownia tomentosa) to wildland fire and other disturbances in an Appalachian hardwood forest. Global Ecology and Conservation 29, e01734.  

Hamilton, Matthew, Alexandra Paige Fischer, Lorien Jasny. (2021). Bridging Collaboration gaps in fragmented environmental governance systems. Environmental Science & Policy 124: 461-470, ISSN 1462-9011,

Kast, Jeffrey B., Margaret Kalcic, Robyn Wilson, Douglas Jackson-Smith, Nicholas Breyfogle, Jay Martin, Evaluating the efficacy of targeting options for conservation practice adoption on watershed-scale phosphorus reductions, Water Research, Volume 201, 2021,117375, ISSN 0043-1354,

Miller, S.A. and S.W. Lyon. 2021. Tile drainage causes flashy streamflow response in Ohio watersheds. Hydrological Processes 35(8) e14326.

Schwab, E.R., Kalcic, M.M. & Wilson, R.S. Assessing the Accuracy of Farmers’ Nutrient Loss Risk Perceptions. Environmental Management 68, 539–552 (2021).

Sprunger, Christine D., Steve W. Culman, Leonardo Deiss, Caroline Brock, Douglas Jackson-Smith. Which management practices influence soil health in Midwest organic corn systems? Agronomy Journal 2021,

Téllez, C., H. Walpole and R.S. Wilson. 2021. Overcoming barriers to program participation for interested farmers. Journal of Soil and Water Conservation

Williams, Roger; Wang, Habin. Effects of Wildfire and the Presence of the Invasive Paulownia tomentosa on the Regeneration of Native Tree Species in North-Central Appalachia. Fire 2021, 4, 60.

Worsley-Tonks, K.E.L., Gehrt, S.D., Anchor, C. et al. Infection risk varies within urbanized landscapes: the case of coyotes and heartworm. Parasites Vectors 14, 464 (2021).

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