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Reception Honors Newest Members of Honorary 100

April 16, 2019
The newest members of the Honorary 100 were recognized at a reception on April 8, 2019 at The Ohio State University.
The School of Environment and Natural Resources recognizes individuals with one of school’s earliest honorary awards.

Three individuals were recognized as the newest members of the Honorary 100 at a 50th Anniversary reception hosted by the School of Environment and Natural Resources (SENR) at the Ohio Union on April 8, 2019.

The Honorees

Laura Fay for tireless advocacy on behalf of the Olentangy River and students. Laura was instrumental in creating a year-long student board member position with Friends of the Lower Olentangy Watershed (FLOW).  Three SENR students have served in that role, a benefit to both FLOW and our students. Laura has provided insightful and engaging guest lectures during at least 12 different semesters for different SENR faculty and courses in the school. 

David Hanselmann for his leadership in establishing and developing the Environmental Professionals Network – a network of professionals connecting as a “community,” who share their passion for our world and its environment, natural resources, people and communities. As EPN Director, David coordinated over 65 monthly EPN breakfasts and signature events.  The reach and impact of the Environmental Professionals Network continues today with lively, compelling and informative programs.

Dr. Rosanne Fortner
Dr. Fortner for a lifelong commitment to teaching. Dr. Fortner sees teaching as her first [and continuing] profession. She taught middle school in Virginia and has a doctorate in science education from Virginia Tech.  It was teaching about water that brought Dr. Fortner to Ohio State in 1978 as a Visiting Assistant Professor in the College of Education, for work on the first Ohio Sea Grant project. After a year, she was hired into the School of Natural Resources Environmental Education and Communications program. On our faculty, she combined teaching, research and service about the Great Lakes, and became a leader in the field of marine and aquatic education.

Dr. Fortner was a Fulbright Senior Scholar in Cypress in 1999, and director of the 8-state Center for Ocean Science Education Excellence [COSEE] for the Great Lakes from 2005-2011. She chaired 15 PhD committees and 40 Masters committees, and still publishes in her field even though she "officially" retired in 2005.

To date, the Honorary 100 now has 126 members.

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History of the Honorary 100

The School of Natural Resources, as it was known at the time, was created in 1969 and Dr. Bob Teater, the school’s first director formed a group of friends and supporters known as the Honorary 100. Over the year’s individuals with a special interest in the school and its programs and activities have been recognized as members of the Honorary 100.

Serving a number of purposes, the Honorary 100 supported legislation and budgets related to the school and college; the group served as a sounding board for school programs; they assisted in the recruitment of students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels; they engaged and connected with our related public agencies serving a statewide constituency, and they assisted in fundraising and development activities.

The criteria established for selecting members of the Honorary 100 required an interest in the environment and natural resources and a special interest in the school, its programs and activities through their involvement in events, programs, scholarship, professional development, donor support, and related activities.

A member of the Honorary 100 should have the personal qualities that also make him/her a recognized individual who has done special action or activity such as legislation, writing, publication, community action, program or agency organization, financial support, program development, and or academic achievement. Candidates need not be an Ohio State, or SENR graduate to be considered for this honor. 

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