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Receptions Held to Honor School of Environment and Natural Resources Retirees

June 28, 2013
SENR recently honored retirees at receptions held in Kottman Hall during May and June 2013. Faculty, staff, students, family and friends of the retirees were in attendance. Each of the retirees was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation. 
Drs. Craig Davis and Earl Epstein were honored at a joint reception held on May 24. A reception for Dr. John Heywood was held on June 26. 
Craig Davis served as Director where he streamlined the School’s administrative structure and facilitated the emergence of multidisciplinary thrusts in environmental science. He also initiated a variety of instructional and research programs including natural resources information systems, wetlands, aquaculture, and environmental conflict resolution. After stepping down, Dr. Davis continued on as a professor of natural resources, environmental science, and plant biology at OSU. Since 1988, he has also served at various times as chair of the Graduate Studies Committee. In 1999, he spearheaded the creation of a PhD option within the Natural Resources Graduate Program.
Earl Epstein joined the School in 1988. His research interests have been in the areas of institutinal development of geographic and land information systems (GIS/LIS), impacts of GIS/LIS on land management, environmental law and policy, and systems of property in land. He has taught various courses on these topics over the past 25 years. 
John Heywood joined the School as Assistant Professor in 1978, becoming Associate Professor in 1984. He joined the administrative unit of the School in 2009 as Associate Director of the SENR. He chaired the ENR Graduate Studies Committee for numerous terms, and created the TA Development and Enhancement Committee. He developed core courses, ENR 2300 Society and Natural Resources along with ENR 2100 Introduction to Environmental Science, just to name a few.
SENR faculty, staff and students extend their gratitude and best wishes to Drs. Davis, Epstein and Heywood.  
John Heywood with Interim Director Jeff Sharp and former Director Ron Hendrick.
Top photo of Drs. Earl Epstein and Craig Davis when presented with their certificates.