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SENR Faculty and Graduate Students Present Research at World's Largest Aquaculture Conference

March 20, 2013

Dr. Konrad Dabrowski and former and curent SENR graduate students Bong-Joo Lee, John Grayson, and Timothy Parker, made 7 research presentations at Aquaculture 2013. Dr. Dabrowski was the busiest of the group, with 3 presentations, including a presentation focused on developing a research agenda and industry for American Eel Culture. Bong-Joo Lee presented his latest research on methionine supplementation in salmonids. He also presented research on diets of juvenile olive flounder that he conducted in his new position at the National Fisheries Research and Development Institute in Pohang, South Korea. John Grayson presented advances in yellow perch larvae culture made this past year within the lab, and Timothy Parker presented part of his thesis research looking at the impacts of un-inflated swim bladder in yellow perch larvae and how it influences their tolerance to hypoxia.