SENR News Highlights

June 26, 2020
SENR News Highlights for late June 2020.

Late June 2020 News Highlights for the School of Environment and Natural Resources. Find out about recent publications, recognitions and programs offered and much more!

SENR Highlights

Congratulations to graduate student Victoria Abou-Ghalioum, who is the winner of the 2020 Student Paper Competition for the Rural Sociological Society’s Natural Resource Research and Interest Group (NRRIG)!  Her submission, titled “Expanding environmentalism: Racial/ethnic, place, and socioeconomic identities as pro-environmental behavioral antecedents” analyzed General Social Survey data to look at relationships between social identities and pro-environmental behavior. She found that racial/ethnic identity is the strongest indicator of pro-environmental behaviors, followed by some place identities.

Victoria studies the intersections between racial, ethnic, and place identity and their relationships with pro-environmental behavior. She utilizes theoretical perspectives from rural sociology and environmental psychology to critically examine the identity-exclusivity of the environmental movement and how to expand this movement. She hopes to continue this work in applied, community development settings focused on environmental and social justice. 

Faculty member Kerry Ard is quoted in a recent NBC News article, “In ‘Cancer Alley,’ a renewed focus on systemic racism is too late” by Luke Denne. 

A collaborative project funded by the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture led by Jill Clark (BS Natural Resources ’95 and Ohio State faculty member) and faculty member Shoshanah Inwood that seeks to answer the question: how do rural communities work together collaboratively to solve problems in the context of food and agriculture? is featured in this news article.

Faculty member Rattan Lal received the Best Research Paper for Impact and Quality Honorable Mention from the Soil and Water Conservation Society for the following research paper: 

Lal, R. 2015. Soil carbon sequestration and aggregation by cover cropping. Journal of Soil and Water Conservation 70(6):329-339, doi:10.2489/jswc.70.6.329.

Awards are presented annually to individuals and organizations who have made outstanding contributions in advocating and advancing the conservation of soil, water, and related natural resources. Congratulations Dr. Lal!

Eugene Braig is the SENR's new representative on the CFAES Staff Advisory Council (SAC).  Thank you Eugene for your service to the school and college.


Learn about the Ohio Bat Roost Monitoring Project, a citizen science project of the ODNR, Division of Wildlife in the latest SENR Picks here with Extension Wildlife Program Specialist Marne Titchenell.

A new bulletin is available from OSU Extension Publications - The Status and Changing Face of Ohio Agriculture: Summary of Farm Trends 1997–2017. Learn more about the bulletin here with options to download a PDF or purchase a print copy.

Every Friday the Ohio Woodland Stewards Program releases resources to ‘Escape to the Forest.’ Check out the resources and share them with others!

Recordings now available

Recreational Water Quality and Invasive Species webinar is now available from NCRWN’s The Current
Their relationship to water quality is sometimes overlooked, but aquatic invasive species can be considered “biological pollution”. They can also negatively affect on-water recreation. Tune in to this month’s edition of The Current Webinar series as we focus on how aquatic invasive species affect recreational water quality. You’ll hear about aquatic invasive species, related resources, and tools available to outdoor recreationists and boaters for reporting and mitigating impacts.

Featured Speakers:

Eugene Braig, Program Director, Aquatic Ecosystems, The Ohio State University, Recreational Water Quality and Aquatic Invasive Species: Context and Resources for Stakeholders
Sarah Orlando, Clean Marinas Program Manager, Ohio Sea Grant, Recreational Water Quality and Invasive Species Part Two

View the webinar recording here.

EPN’s June program on Women Owning Woodlands: Networks for inclusive land stewardship is now available (click here) for viewing.

Mark your calendars! 

September 2, 2020 - Understanding Algal Blooms: State of the Science Virtual Conference 2020
Registration Now Open ­- 
SENR Faculty member Steve Culman is one of the presenters.

Read more SENR News here.