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SENR News Highlights

Feb. 5, 2021
SENR News Highlights for early February 2021

SENR News Highlights

Early February 2021 News Highlights for the School of Environment and Natural Resources.

Find out what's new in the school, learn about recent publications, celebrate recognitions with us and plan to attend (virtually) programs offered and much more!



Congratulations to faculty member Linda Loboa, who was named a 2020–2021 Distinguished Professor of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences at The Ohio State University. The award recognizes excellence in the college’s three mission areas—teaching, research, and outreach and engagement—and the significant impact awardees have had in their fields. Read more about this recognition and Dr. Lobao’s scholarship of engagement here.

CFAES 2020-2021 Distinguished Professor Linda Lobao

Recent Publications

Burgos Hernández, Tania D., Leonardo Deiss, Brian K. Slater, Michael Scott Demyan, Jared M. Shaffer, High-throughput assessment of soil carbonate minerals in urban environments, Geoderma, Volume 382, 2021,114778, ISSN 0016-7061,

Olivier, Tomas, and Ramiro Berardo. 2021. Birds of a feather fight together: forum involvement in a developing Ecology of Policy Games. Policy Studies Journal

Salerno, Jonathan, Romulo, Chelsie, Galvin, Kathleen A., Brooks, Jeremy, Mupeta-Muyamwa, Patricia, Glew, Louise.  Adaptation and evolution of institutions and governance in community-based conservation. Conservation Science and Practice. e00355

Featured News

Research led by faculty member Chris Tonra, assistant professor of avian ecology in the School of Environment and Natural Resources on migratory birds played a role in securing and expanding thousands of acres to add to a protected area in South America for habitat for Prothonotary Warblers and other wildlife. Learn more about this conservation effort here and read more about the impactful work of Dr. Tonra and team on understanding of refueling areas and wintering of migratory birds and the use of geolocators to track migration patterns in this Ohio State news release written by Jeff Grabmeier.

Research, education and outreach accomplishments of our faculty and graduate students are highlighted in the 2020 Center for Human-Animal Interactions Research & Education (CHAIRE) Annual Report. Read the report.

Outreach and Engagement at The Ohio State University featured on their website and via social media the partnership between our Ohio State capstone courses and Blueprint Columbus. Faculty member Matt Hamilton is one of the instructors of the capstone featured and shared about the capstone experience and partnership. Find out more about the partnership and how it is making a difference written by Ben Lewis.

Jordan Wade (SENR alumni) and faculty member Steve Culman contributed an article in Ohio’s Country Journal on the link between soil health and nitrogen fertilizer efficiency.  The article is based on a study that examined corn nitrogen (N) rate trials throughout the Midwest and recently published in the journal Scientific Reports, which is available here.

Ohio Sea Grant released their Winter/Spring 2021 edition of Twine Line (here), which features a story, “Zoom-ing Through Research Projects” and shares the experience of forestry, fisheries and wildlife student Elizabeth Teaford conducting and analyzing creel survey data remotely as part of Stone Lab’s REU program. Elizabeth worked with faculty member Suzanne Gray. Read the story here.

Research Funding

Faculty member Christine Sprunger was recently awarded funding for Nematode quantification in Ohio soybean fields from the Ohio Soybean Council.

On Social

Faculty member Risa Pesapane shares some interesting magnified images and descriptions of ticks and tick submissions (view on Twitter here and here) and more about the research her lab is conducting. Dr. Pesapane will be presenting as part of the 2021 Ohio Woodland Water and Wildlife Conference in March, “An Updated Report on Ticks and Tick-borne Disease in Ohio.”

The school has launched our YouTube channel, which can be accessed here (or via our website’s homepage). Featured on the channel right now are Playlists on our undergraduate majors, Ohio Woodland Stewards, the Environmental Professionals Network, and collaborative wildlife partnerships/initiatives. Subscribe to our channel when you have a chance!

Up Next:  Virtual Events / Webinars / Programs

Seminar Series - Save the Date

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Escape to the Forest with the Ohio Woodland Stewards (OWS) Program!

Plan to join the upcoming OWS class on Pawpaw Production with SENR Assistant Professor Matt Davies.

Plan to attend the 2021 Ohio Woodland Water and Wildlife Conference March 1-3 featuring presentations on native trees and shrubs for wildlife, prescribed goat grazing, Spotted Lanternfly, Ticks and tick-borne disease in Ohio and much more!
Agenda, details on registering Available Now.

Escape to the Forest Recap: 

Recap 1:  A webinar on Goatsuckers on the Move: Migration and Winter Ecology of the Midwest's Eastern Whip-poor-wills was presented on February 5 with SENR Assistant Professor Chris Tonra as part of the weekly Escape to the Forest! Dr. Tonra shared in general about the Eastern Whip-poor-will, why you may not have ever seen a Whip-poor-will before, and importantly why Dr. Tonra and team are studying this aerial insectivore and their migration patterns.

Recap 2:  Share with woodland owners or those with a yard the following video, "The Importance of Dead Wood" (also found here) to learn more about dead wood and creating and maintaining this resource for wildlife with Wildlife Program Specialist Marne Titchenell.  



Faculty member Steve Culman will present at the annual OEFFA conference on February 12, 2021.  Dr. Culman will speak on Organic Perennial Grain Crops for Grain and Forage.  More information on this conference here.

Faculty member Christine Sprunger will present a webinar “Management Practices That Impact Soil Health and Organic Matter” on March 17, 2021 at 11 a.m. The webinar is part of the Organic Production Winter Webinar Series.  Learn more about the series here and other scheduled webinars.