SENR Students Present at Denman Research Forum

April 3, 2017
Outstanding student research, scholarship and creative activity was on display at the 22nd Annual Denman Undergraduate Research Forum.

Students from many majors at The Ohio State University presented their research at the 22nd Annual Denman Undergraduate Research Forum held March 29, 2017.

The Denman Forum is a competitively judged opportunity for students to share outstanding research, scholarships and creative activity with the Ohio State community and public. 

This year's Forum was presented by Ohio State's Office of Undergraduate Research & Creative Inquiry; Recreation and Physical Activity; Office of Research; Office of Corporate Relations and Office of Undergraduate Education.


Student research selected for this year's Denman Forum from the School of Environment and Natural Resources included:                                                                                                                                                              



Ashlee Balcerzak
Steven Lower 

Awarded 3rd place in Ecological and Environmental Sciences: From Farming to Fisheries and Beyond


Use of magnetic bacteria to remove phosphorus from eutrophic waters


Elizabeth Bertolini

 Suzanne Gray


The effect of Lake Erie algal blooms on the emerald shiner


Scott Meyer 

  Lauren Pintor

Giving up density as an approach to identify a difference in foraging behavior between native and invasive crayfish species

Samuel Reed    

Peter Curtis and  Roger Williams

A cross-comparison of deer impact on canopy structural complexity across boreal and deciduous biomes

Hailey Tiarks

Advisor: Suzanne Gray

The influence of turbidity on eye and brain morphology in an African cichlid

Kira Edic

Christopher Tonra

Breeding success in relation to nestling physiological stress in Prothonogary Warblers at Hoover Reservoir in Delaware County, Ohio

Makayla McKinney

Suzanne Gray

The influence of water quality on parasite loads in African Cichlid fish communities

Andrew Wilk

William Peterman

Effects of habitat patch size on the abundance of red-backed salamanders (Plethodon cinereus)

Learn more about undergraduate research opportunities in the School of Environment and Natural Resources here.  

Photo credits: Nicole Tabit