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SENR's Stanley Gehrt in the News

Feb. 4, 2014

Stanley Gehrt, associate professor and wildlife extension specialist in SENR, is an acclaimed coyote specialist and noted authority on urban coyotes. His research, focusing on coyote populations in Chicago, has been featured in several recent news articles.

Gehrt's research was featured in an Outdoor Life article detailing "A Night in the Life of a Coyote" on February 3rd, Cleveland's Plain Dealer regarding coyotes presence in Ohio on January 31st: "Coyotes are wily predator and part of the wildlife scene in every Ohio county", and in IndyStar's January 26th article "Coyotes attack pets in Greenwood, nearby". Additionally, Gehrt is giving a lecture in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park this Friday, February 7th, which is noted on their website.

If you missed Gehrt's involvement in the PBS Nature special Meet the Coywolf, you can stream the full episode here.