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Soil health webinar available and upcoming webinar announced

June 1, 2022

In the webinar, Soil Health in Urban and Rural Forest Ecosystems, Dr. Brian Slater, professor and Extension specialist in soil resources provides an overview of the assessment of soil health and discusses the relationship between soil health and soil function, and overall ecosystem services. 


In this webinar, viewers will:

  • Gain an understanding of how soil health influences soil function and enhances vital ecosystem services.
  • Learn about the relationship between soil health and forest health.
  • Learn about the properties (physical, chemical and biological) and frameworks to assess soil health (and walk through an example assessment).
  • Learn about the challenges to forest soil health and ways to manage or mitigate.


Upcoming webinar:

The Impact of Climate Change on Soils
June 10, 2022

Join the Ohio Woodland Stewards program and Dr. Slater for another opportunity to learn about soils and how they are are impacted by climate change.

Overview of the June 10 OWS program webinar, "The Impact of Climate Change on Soils"

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Learn more about Dr. Slater's soil resource expertise.