Student project seeks to prevent deadly window collisions

June 11, 2019
New Ohio State news story describes student efforts to prevent deadly collisions for migrating birds.

Ohio State News published a story, "A deadly strike for migrating birds" on efforts by students and faculty at The Ohio State University and the Ohio Bird Conservation Initiative to learn more about and prevent deadly collisions for migrating birds.

The story informs and describes student engagement in Lights Out Buckeyes, a project launched last year by School of Environment and Natural Resources students Kandace Glanville1 and Tyler Ficker and sponsored by the Ohio State Ornithology Club, that aims to learn more about window collisions and assess the scope of the problem on the Ohio State campus. The project seeks to answer questions such as: How many birds are victims of these collisions? Are some buildings attracting more collisions? And, is there any way to help prevent these usually deadly window strikes?

Read the full Ohio State News story written by Jeff Grabmeier here.

Kandace graduated in May 2019 with a degree in wildlife science, but is still an active Lights Out Buckeyes volunteer.