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Terrestrial Wildlife Ecology Lab affiliates present research at annual wildlife meeting

Nov. 10, 2014


Affiliates with the Terrestrial Wildlife Ecology Lab in the SENR presented research posters and talks at The Wildlife Society’s 21st Annual Conference in Pittsburgh, PA at the end of October. The conference brings together wildlife professionals from across the United States with opportunities to learn, network and get engaged.

Presented papers by TWEL affiliates:

  • Influence of Winter Weather on Microhabitat Selection and Survival of Northern Bobwhites (Randall T. Knapik, Coree A. Brooks, and Robert J. Gates)
  • Explaining Hunting Participation: A Story of Changing Land Use and New Technology (Gabriel R. Karns and Jeremy T. Bruskotter) 
  • Wolves as Symbols of…What? Exploring Salient Beliefs about Wolves and Political Behavior among an Engaged Public (Kristina Slagle, Jeremy Bruskotter, and Robyn Wilson)
  • Spatio-Temporal Variation in Movement Patterns among Coyotes across an Intensive Urban Landscape (Evan C. Wilson and Stanley D. Gehrt)
  • Nest Predator Identity in Forest Parks and Adjacent Residential Neighborhoods (Jennifer S. Malpass, Amanda D. Rodewald, and Laura J. Kearns)
  • Predicting County-Level Variation in Deer Harvest Density: Delineating New Deer Management Regions Based on Spatial Homogeneity in Ohio (Gabriel R. Karns, Robert J. Gates, Stephen N. Matthews, Jeremy T. Bruskotter, John C. McCoy, and Michael J. Tonkovich) 

Posters presented by TWEL affiliates:

  • Vegetation Response on Woodlot Edges for Northern Bobwhite in Southwest
    Ohio (Coree A. Brooks, Randall T. Knapik, and Robert J. Gates)
  • White-Tailed Deer Doe Movement and Fawn Survival in an Urban Park
    System (Sara I. Kennedy, Terry Robinson, and Stanley D. Gehrt)

A number of SENR alumni now in either advanced training programs or working
in their professions were also on the program:

  • Evan Wilson (Master of Science, 2012) who is pursuing a PhD at the University of Wisconsin
  • Laura Kearns (PhD, 2012), a Wildlife Biologist with the Ohio Division of Wildlife
  • Sarah Lehnen (PhD, 2008), a Biometrician with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
  • Jennifer Smith (Master of Science, 2008), a Wildlife Ecologist at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln
  • Luke DeGroote (Master of Science, 2006), an Avian Ecologist and Bird Banding
    Program Manager with Powdermill Nature Preserve, Carnegie Museum of Natural History
  • Richard Geboy (Master of Science, 2006), a Biologist with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service                   
  • Marja Bakermans (Master of Science, 2003; PhD, 2008), an Assistant Teaching
    Professor with Worcester Polytechnic Institute

November 2014

Sources: Dennis Hull and Robert Gates

Photos courtesy of Jennifer Malpass

Photo caption 1:  Randy Knapik, Bob Gates and Coree Brooks at The Wildlife Society 21st Annual Conference.
Photo caption 2:  Current and former TWEL affiliates catching up at this year's annual Wildlife Society annual conference.