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Two New Editions of "Your Pond Update" Released

Jan. 23, 2018

Two new editions of "Your Pond Update", written by Eugene Braig, (Aquatic Ecosystems Program Director) were released to the Ponds, Fisheries, and Aquatic Management page- one for Autumn 2017 and one for Winter 2018.

The Autumn 2017 edition highlights the importance of aquatic vegetation in ponds and fisheries, why you should create a plan for plants, and how they will benefit the ecosystem.

The Winter 2018 edition explains why you should keep your water area "open", and for underwater life to thrive in cold temperatures.  Read about aeration, diffusers, and maintaining oxygen flow in your pond .

New Pond Managment News Email List:

This brand new list is for Ohio State University (OSU) Extension clientele interested in matters related to pond or lake management. Its creation was prompted by a small list of initial requesters/subscribers at Farm Science Review in September 2017 and a collaborative lake-management outreach project funded by OSU CARES in 2016–17.
Click here to go to the the Pond Management News page and sign up.