Undergraduate research on display at Denman Forum

Feb. 18, 2019
Harrison Fried conducted much of his Denman Forum research project through opportunities at Ohio State's Stone Lab on Lake Erie.

Environmental policy and decision making major Harrison Fried is featured as one of 205 students participating in this year's Denman Undergraduate Research Forum at The Ohio State University on February 20. His research focuses on pollution in Lake Erie (algal and sedimentary turbidity) and how it affects the swimming performance of two minnows: the Emerald Shiner and the Golden Shiner.  Read more here about the research he conducted last summer at Stone Laboratory, Ohio State’s island campus on Lake Erie. 

In addition to Harrison, the following undergraduate researchers are presenting at this week's Forum from the School of Environment and Natural Resources:

Taylor Hrabak
The Effect of Turbidity on the Transition from Social to Sexual Behavior in an African Cichlid Fish, Psuedocrenilabrus Multicolor Victoriae (mentor Suzanne Gray)

Andy Opplinger
Differential Effects of Algal and Sedimentary Turbidity on Visual Sensitivity Thresholds of Lake Erie Walleye (mentor Suzanne Gray)

Tal Shutkin
The Muskwa-Kechika Management Area: Environmental Conservation from Culture to Politics (mentor Anna Willow) **named a Sustainability Institute Award Finalist

In the spring (March 26), Undergraduate Research and Creative Inquiry will host the Undergraduate Research Festival at the Ohio Union, where an estimated 600 students are expected to present their research.