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Undergraduate Research Represented at Annual Forum

April 5, 2016
ENR undergraduate Jeffrey Robbins with his research poster at the 2016 Denman Undergraduate Research Forum (Photo credit:  Renee Johnston)
Congratulations to undergraduate students in the School of Environment and Natural Resources (SENR), who presented their research at the Richard J. and Martha D. Denman Undergraduate Research Forum held on the campus of The Ohio State University on March 30, 2016. 
The Denman Undergraduate Research Forum provides a competitively judged opportunity for undergraduates to showcase their research projects and creative works with the University community. The Forum, in its 21st year, is coordinated by Ohio State's Undergraduate Research Office.  

Undergraduates participating at this year’s Forum included:

Aquatic habitat degradation and its affects on hybridization between two Sunfish species 
Presenter(s): Jacob Wittman
Advisor(s): Suzanne Gray 
Changes in forest composition of an urban bottomland forest due to anthropogenic influences 
Presenter(s): Michelle Kaiser, Anastasia Sipes 
Advisor(s): Roger Williams 
Current composition and structure of a disjunct eastern hemlock forest ecosystem in northwestern Alabama and modeling hemlock woolly adelgid infestation 
Presenter(s): Robert Denney
Advisor(s):  David Hix 
**Robert’s poster placed 2nd overall in the Agriculture/Ecological/Environmental Science category at the Forum.
Effects of leaf tissue removal on the reproductive success of Corchorus hirsutus (Malvaceae) 
Presenter(s): Na'Imah Rawls 
Advisor(s): Carol Landry 
Effects of overwinter conditions on survival and growth of invasive species of Asian carp 
Presenter(s): Kevin Fisher 
Advisor(s): Konrad Dabrowski 
Evaluating fertilizer types on eucalyptus plantation growth in southern China 
Presenter(s): Anastasia Sipes, Juliana Hussey, Mikafui Dzotsi 
Advisor(s): Roger Williams 
Evaluating the impacts of outdoor orientation programs at The Ohio State University 
Presenter(s): Ethan Rhodus 
Advisor(s): Greg Hitzhusen and Kristi Lekies 
Impact of mixed and pure stand eucalyptus plantations on soil quality in southwestern China 
Presenter(s): Bridget O'Banion 
Advisor(s): Roger Williams 
Poor pawpaw production in woodland patches – what’s the explanation? 
Presenter(s): Liberty Brigner 
Advisor(s): Matt Davies 
Soil properties and their relation to coffee quality in Peru 
Presenter(s): Lucas McClish 
Advisor(s): Stacey Fineran and Brian Slater 
The optokinetic response of fishes to different levels of turbidity
Presenter(s): Jeffrey Robbins 
Advisor(s): Suzanne Gray 
The relationship between turbidity and carotenoid-based coloration of centrarchid fishes in urban streams 
Presenter(s): Tiffany Atkinson 
Advisor(s): Suzanne Gray 
Tiffany's poster placed 4th overall in the Agriculture/Ecological/Environmental Science category at the Forum.
Why does predator abundance increase after invasion of a non-native prey? 
Presenter(s): Erin O'Shaughnessey 
Advisor(s): Lauren Pintor 

Sustainability initiatives in the modern sporting arena
Presenter(s): John Kominko
Advisor(s): Brent Sohngen
Honey bee foraging patterns in rural and urban landscapes
Presenter(s): Emma Grace Matcham
Advisor(s): Reed Johnson