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Autumn 2015 Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Undergraduate Research Opportunity:  Environmental Science

Dr. David Hix is seeking an undergraduate to volunteer (academic credit possible) on a project titled, “Change in forest ecosystems of southeastern Ohio: Assessing past trends and predicting future plant diversity and structural dynamics.” The overall goal of this research project is to quantify and to model forest change in southeastern Ohio and the adjoining region, especially using data from long-term remeasurement of permanent plots on the Wayne National Forest. We will focus on the observed trends over the past twenty years, and use our greater understanding of the changes in species composition and stand structure occurring in Ohio’s forests to develop new models for projecting these forest characteristics. Responsibilities will vary depending on availability and start date, but may include assisting graduate students in the relocation and sampling of permanent plots in the WNF, organizing data, and analyzing data. Candidates may gain experience with field instruments (e.g., handheld GPS, compass, clinometer), plant ID, and ArcGIS, and will achieve a greater understanding of forest ecology and dynamics.

Interested students should email Jim Palus at and include a resume/CV, an indication of your interest in volunteering, earning credit, or conducting independent research, and an indication of when you would like to begin and how many hours per week you would like to work.