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Internship Opportunities

Terrestrial Wildlife Ecology Laboratory – Ohio Division of Wildlife

Internship Program Summary

Purpose:  To provide students an opportunity to acquire hands-on experience in the fields of wildlife biology, wildlife management, and environmental education.  Interns will be given a unique opportunity to: (1) gain valuable and diverse field experience, (2) observe daily operations of the state’s principal wildlife agency, and (3) form beneficial professional relationships with wildlife biologists and managers.  Through such experiences and interactions, interns will have the opportunity to gain personal insight into the kinds of wildlife-related work that they would like to pursue in their professional careers and to shape their educational programs accordingly.
Most recent internship experiences via this opportunity include:
Internship location:  Ohio Division of Wildlife, Olentangy Wildlife Research Station (Delaware, Ohio)
Principle duties:  Development and management of GIS coverages/databases for wildlife-habitat development and management
Internship location:  Ohio Division of Wildlife, District-1 Office (Columbus, Ohio)
Principle duties:  Handling of public inquiries related to wildlife management and nuisance-animal complaints, wildlife records management, habitat management, development of wildlife-related state fair exhibits
Internship location:  Ohio Division of Wildlife, Fountain Square Headquarters
Principle duties:  Conducting bat acoustic surveys and peregrine falcon nest monitoring
Internship location:  Ohio Division of Wildlife, Old Woman Creek National Estuarine Research Reserve (Huron, Ohio)
Principle duties:  Development of environmental education displays and leading of canoe/kayak tours through Old Woman Creek Estuary
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