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Dick_R The Interreg-DEVAG Project


The Interreg-DEVAG Project:

A Regional Network for the Development of Agroecological Cropping Systems for Horticultural Crops in the Caribbean

Richard Dick, Co-PI
The objectives of the DEVAG project are (i) to develop scientific databases to accelerate the development of agroecological and organic horticultural productions and (ii) to create a regional network dedicated to the development of agroecology for fruits and vegetables in the Caribbean. Research activities are focused on the development of agroecological methods to manage insects, diseases and weeds. These pests represent the main cause of loss of productivity and increase of pesticides use. Nevertheless, in order to build integrated cropping systems adoptable in the Caribbean environments, research also encompass: (i) substitution of chemical fertilizers with local organic resources, (ii) selection of cultivars adapted to low-input systems, (iii) crop-livestock integration and (iv) characterization of socio-economic determinants of technical innovations. These research activities are conducted in permanent connection with farmers and agricultural development agents who will benefit directly by participating in field experiments and technical field schools.