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Bureau of Land Management: Seasonal Range Technician

Name: Nick Moore

Specialization: Parks and Recreation, Wildlife

Internship: BLM Seasonal Range Technician

What is this internship like?

This internship incuded fire suppression, public service, and forest management. Forests must be cleared out to prevent fire, especially in drier climates. We also removed Juniper brush, as it is invasive and takes up soil moisture and can cause fires. There was also a public event for firefighter awareness in the community, so there was a children's event to teach about fire safety.

Key classes for this internship:

ENR 3335.01, Intro to Wildland Fire Management provides students with a red card certification, allowing you to fight fire.

How this job was found:

This job was found on 

What advice do you have for students interested in a similar internship?

Apply early in the winter before you would like to work, and call as many captains at field offices as you can to get an interview. Be persistent! Sometimes, there aren't posted openings for some offices, so call if you don't see one. Also, if you can get the red card certification, you will most likely be ahead of the curve, and can recieve an advanced level of training on the job.



BLM Firefighters in the field

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