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Turning Green

Name: Bailey Delacruz

Internship: Turning Green

Specialization: International Development

What is Turning Green?

A non-profit that works to equip students with the knowledge and tools to transition themselves and their actions to live consciously. Turning Green has three major programs to help students learn to live consciously. The Project Green Challenge is a month long challenge engaging students globally to partake in activities that improve their mindset, body, food consumption, and reduce waste. Each day students can win prizes, and the competition concludes with an eco-summit on improving lifestyle. Other projects with Turning Green include the Conscious College Road Tour, which provides ‘conscious information stations’ with products at colleges, to initiate healthy lifestyle conversations. Their other project is the Conscious Kitchen, a program which helps schools grow gardens to provide healthy and local food for school lunches.

What was the best part of the internship?

The most impactful part of this internship for Bailey was meeting strong community eco-leaders in the bay area. She got to visit eco-facilities in the bay area, and meet owners of these companies who show that profit and the plant can go hand in hand. A ton of work goes into running a non-profit. The woman who runs [Turning Green] puts her heart and soul into running the group. I got to see the inner workings of running a non-profit this summer, rather than what the public sees daily.

How did this affect your career goals?

I was not sure if I wanted to work in the non profit sector, or another environmental field. Thanks to Turning Green, I'm thinking more about going into a political or business field of sustainability, since a great way to affect change is through policy and law.



At the Conscious Kitchen: A school lunch program that is all fresh and local foods!

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