Autumn 2018 Seminar Series

Date and link Speaker Bio Page Professional Title Seminar Title
August 23rd

50th Anniversary Emeritus Faculty Roundtable Discussion

n/a n/a Learning From the Past,
Impacting the Future
September 6th- Rachel Gabor (Ohio State) Assistant Professor of Watershed Hydrology Sewersheds and Watersheds: Natural and Anthropogenic Drivers of Hydrology as Water Quality Controls in Urbanized Mountain Streams

September 20th - Sayeed Mehmood (Ohio State) Associate Professor of Natural Resources Economics

Do Endangered Species have a Future? An Exploration Through Theory, Research and Practice

September 27th - Michael Nelson (Oregon State)

  Professor, Oregon State Toward the Inevitable Fusion: Research at the Crossroads of Ethics, Ecology, and Social Science

October 25th - Rod Williams (Purdue)

  Associate Professor of Wildlife Science, Purdue  
November 1st - Rachel Poretsky (University of Illinois at Chicago) Assistant Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago How Wastewater and Stormwater Influence Microbial Communities in Urban Aquatic Systems
November 15th - Nandita Basu (University of Waterloo) Associate Professor of Water Sustainability, Waterloo  
November 29th - Jared Wolfe (Michigan Tech) Professor, Michigan Tech Exploration and Conservation in the Country Least Known to Science: An Introduction to Equatorial Guinea