ENR 4900.02 Capstone May 2019

ENR 4900.02 Natural Resources Management for Forestry Fisheries & Wildlife
     First Summer Term 2019 (3 credits)

Instructors:    Dr. Gabriel Karns                 Mr. Daniel Yaussy
                       karns.36@osu.edu               yaussy.3@osu.edu

ENR 4900.02 is a senior-level capstone course designed to provide Forestry, Fisheries, and Wildlife (FFW), and Natural Resources Management (NRM) students in the School of Environment Natural Resources at The Ohio State University with an opportunity to integrate the ideas, concepts and tools learned during their academic careers to planning, problem solving and decision-making related to natural resources. Students enrolled in the course engage in a one week field session at The Ohio State University at Mansfield as part of the requirements of the course.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

 Ethan Ross and Jason Matyac (ENR 4900.02 students) and Alyson Holzworth (Mansfield Ecolab summer intern) log GPS coordinates for a shagbark hickory to include on the tree identification trail. Sarah Segers and Jay Netzel place an audio recorder at a random forest point to survey for songbirds at Ohio State Mansfield.
An ENR 4900.02 Capstone group uses an increment borer to extract a core and measure annual growth rate for sugar maple. ENR students Tim Sugrue, Tammy Pham, and Grant Shivley accompanied by Mansfield Ecolab interns Sedona Palmerton and Alyson Holzworth sort through aquatic macro-invertebrates to gauge quality of the Horseshoe vernal pool at Ohio State Mansfield.
Native grapevine presents a conundrum for Ohio woodland owners.  On one hand, grapevine produces food sources for numerous wildlife species.  On the other, heavy infestations can impact forest health and reduce tree growth potential.  Capstone students designed a demonstration area to highlight management options for grapevine control at  The Ohio State University at Mansfield, during 2019 summer term.