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TWEL Internships

Recent placements for the Terrestrial Wildlife Ecology Laboratory - Ohio Division of Wildlife Internship Program

Ohio Division of Wildlife, Olentangy Wildlife Research Station (Delaware, Ohio)
Principle duties:  Development and management of GIS coverages/databases for wildlife-habitat development and management
Ohio Division of Wildlife, District-1 Office (Columbus, Ohio)
Principle duties:  Handling of public inquiries related to wildlife management and nuisance-animal complaints, wildlife records management, habitat management, development of wildlife-related state fair exhibits
Ohio Division of Wildlife, Fountain Square Headquarters
Principle duties:  Conducting bat acoustic surveys and peregrine falcon nest monitoring
Ohio Division of Wildlife, Old Woman Creek National Estuarine Research Reserve (Huron, Ohio)
Principle duties:  Development of environmental education displays and leading of canoe/kayak tours through Old Woman Creek Estuary