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School of Environment and Natural Resources


Emeritus & Former Faculty at the SENR

Associate Professors

Assistant Professors


Service of Years

Program Area

Jerry M. Bigham* (Director) (Curriculum Vita) 1977-2010 Soil Science
James H. Brown* (Assistant Director) 1970-1995 Forestry
Frank G. Calhoun* 1986-2010 Soil Science
Charles F. Cole* (Assistant Director) 1980-1994 Fisheries Management
William F. Cowen* 1959-1985 Forestry
Charles A. Dambach* (Director) 1968-1969 Natural Resources
Craig B. Davis* (Director 1984-2013 Environmental Science
Warren Dick*  1980-2016 Soil Science
John F. Disinger* (Acting Director) 1971-1995 Environmental Education
Joseph Donnermeyer*
(Curriculum Vita)
1979-2014 Rural Sociology
Robert S. Douglass* (Assistant Director) 1977-2007 Parks/Recreation Administration
James M. Dowdy* (Assistant Director) 1970-1988 Natural Resources
Donald J. Eckert* (Assistant Director) 1978-2010 Soil Science
Earl F. Epstein* 1988-2013 Environmental Policy
Rosanne W. Fortner* (Curriculum Vita) 1979-2005 Environmental Education
Gordon E. Gatherum* (Director) 1969-1988 Forestry
E. Eugene Good* 1948-1979 Wildlife Management
William F. Hahnert  1968-1972 Ohio Biological Survey
George Hall* 1965-1995 Soil Science
Randall B. Heiligmann* 1978-2009 Forestry
Robert E. Henne* (School Secretary) 1973-1986 Natural Resources
David M. Hix*
(Curriculum Vita)
1991-2022 Silviculture and Forest Ecology
Carl S. Johnson 1939-1979 Environmental Education
David L. Johnson* 1975-2010 Fisheries Management
Jay Johnson* 1972-2001 Soil Science
Tomas Koontz 1998-2014 Public and Environmental Policy
Howard B. Kriebel* 1953-1988 Forestry
Merlyn M. Larson* 1966-1995 Forestry
Linda Lobao*
(Curriculum Vita)
1986-2021 Rural Sociology
Terry Logan* 1971-1999 Soil Science
Frederick P. Miller* (Director) 1986-2000 Soil Science
William J. Mitsch* 1986-2012 Wetland Ecology
Gary W. Mullins* (Director) 1978-2005 Environmental Education, Parks/Rec Administration
Richard H. Moore* (Curriculum Vita) 1985-2015 Rural Sociology & Agroecology
Amanda Rodewald 2000-2013 Wildlife Ecology
Robert E. Roth* (Acting Director) 1969-2001 Environmental Education
Harold Schick  1969-1974 Parks/Recreation Administration
Neil E. Smeck*  1971-2007 Soil Science
Thomas M. Stockdale* 1960-1988 Wildlife Management
Paul Sutton* 1967-1995 Soil Science
T. Davis Sydnor* 1972-2011 Urban Forestry
Robert W. Teater* (Director) 1970-1975 Natural Resources
Robert D. Touse*  1962-1988 Forestry
Samuel J. Traina 1985-2002 Soil Science
Albert R. Vogt 1966-1985 Forestry
Mohan K. Wali* (Director)
(Curriculum Vita)
1990-2010 Environmental Science and Management
T. Craig Weidensaul* (Assistant Director) 1991-1995 Lab for Environmental Science
Frank W. Whitmore* 1967-1995 Forestry