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Assistant Professors

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Associate Professors

Assistant Professors

Service Years

Program Area

Neil J. Andrew* 1972-2008 Parks/Recreation Administration
Joseph L. Arvai 2001-2005 Decision Science
Gabriel J. Cherem 1974-1977 Environmental Education
Clarence F. Clark 1969-1973 Fisheries Management
George T. Downey 1968-1969 Natural Resources
Dawn R. Gibas (Ferris) (Curriculum Vita) 2006-2010 Forest Hydrology
Theodore B. Flickinger 1973-1977 Parks/Recreation Administration
Donald M. Floyd 1988-1993 Forestry
Serita Frey 1999-2002 Soil Science
Peter A. Hackney 1972-1974 Fisheries Management
Glenn Thomas Howe 1998-2001 Forestry
Kristin L. Jaeger 2012-2015 Ecological Restoration
Judith A. Maxwell 1986-1989 Forestry
Eric McConnell 2011-2014 Forestry
Thomas R. Mitchell 1973-1980 Forestry
Joan Nichols 1994-1998 Forestry
Eric Norland 1989-2002 Forestry
John M. Pierce 1966-1977 Parks/Recreation Administration
Robert L. Romig (Assistant Director) 1992-2003 Forestry
Clinton L. Shepard 1980-1986 Environmental Education
Bart A. Thielges 1967-1971 Forestry
James B. Triplett 1976-1981 Fisheries Management
Robert L. Vertrees* (Curriculum Vita) 1976-2004 Resource Development
John H. Wheatley 1972-1974 Environmental Education
Dale A. White 1990-1993 Geographic Information Systems
Lance R. Williams 2002-2007 Stream Ecology