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Associate Professors

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Assistant Professors

Associate Professors

Service Years

Program Area

Virginie Bouchard 1997-2010 Wetland & Stream Ecosystems
Blannie Bowen 1985-1988 Environmental Education
Mary L. Bowman-Cowen* 1973-1986 Environmental Education
James Christensen* 1983-2011  Natural Resources Data Analysis
Steven Culman 2013-2022 Soil Science
John Heywood* (Associate Director) 1978-2014 Social Behavior in ENR
Daniel B. Houston* 1971-1995 Forestry
Joseph D. Kasile* (Assistant Director) 1974-1995 Forestry
James R. McClenahen* 1974-1995 Forestry
Edward McCoy 1985-2021 Soil Science
Walter Momot 1964-1975 Fisheries Management
Robert Mullen 2004-2011 Soil Science
Cathy Rakowski* 1990-2020 Rural Sociology
Paul Rodewald 2000-2013 Wildlife Ecology
C. Dana Tomlin 1987-1991 Geographic Information Systems
Thomas W. Townsend* 1971-1991 Wildlife Management
John P. (Jack) Vimmerstedt* 1963-1995 Forestry
Maurice E. Watson* 1976-2007 Soil Science
Kenneth A. Wenner 1973-1983 Parks/Recreation Administration