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Benefits of Ramsar


Through the ORWRP’s collaboration with Ramsar, we can to work with others across the globe in order to implement groundbreaking management techniques and sustainable ecosystem practices. As a result, there are many benefits to the ORWRP that help to enhance the wise use of our wetlands. These benefits are:

  • Increased Funding Opportunities – Ramsar designation helps with grant applications and other funding requests for land acquisition, restoration, and education initiatives.
  • Support for Protection of the Site and Surrounding Area – Ramsar designation can make acquisition of surrounding lands easier, can encourage partnerships that focus on watershed conservation efforts, and can be useful in dealing with off-site development that could threaten the site. This is incredibly important due to ORWRP being located in an urban environment.
  • Increased Science and Tourism – Ramsar designation typically leads to increased attention to a site, which can lead to increased interest by the scientific community and non-governmental organizations. Public awareness of a site’s Ramsar designation can highlight the site’s importance, leading to an increase in tourism.
  • Decrease in Poverty – Ramsar desgination provides poverty alleviation through increases in tourism and with micro-credits that allow for more projects to be undertaken leading to an increase in employment to meet greater staff demands.