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Why and How

Why & How

Why Wetlands?

  • Wetlands provide fundamental ecological services and are regulators of water regimes and sources of biodiversity at all levels – species, genetic and ecosystem.
  • Wetlands constitute a resource of great economic, scientific, cultural, and recreational value for the community.
  • Wetlands play a vital role in climate change adaptation and mitigation.
  • Progressive encroachment on, and loss of, wetlands cause serious and sometimes irreparable environmental damage to the provision of ecosystem services.
  • Wetlands should be restored and rehabilitated, whenever possible. Wetlands should be conserved by ensuring their wise use.

How A Wetland Gets Nominated

Letters of support are required from the local or state wildlife or natural resources agency, one member of congress, and all landowners within the site boundaries. Nominations for sites in the United States must be reviewed and approved by the US Fish & Wildlife Service before they are submitted.